Saturday, March 21, 2009

You know Your Life Is Going To Change, Right?

When I've delivered the news that I'm adopting to friends and acquaintances, so far not one person has asked me the ridiculous question: "You know your life is going to change completely, right?" and for that I'm grateful.

Maybe this is something people only say to YOUNG parents? I'm wondering if I've been spared because it's obvious, at my ripe old age, being single and yet purposefully making this parent thing happen, that I KNOW that already, and actually I WANT my life to change!

However, I have had a few people tell me that now is the time to go and see all the movies I want to see. Because, apparently, it's all "Bolt" and "Horton Hears a Who" from here on out.

So I've been thinking along those lines.... If I pass court the first time, life as I know it will end in 3 months.

Here's a list of what I'm going to be focusing on for the next 3 months then:

1) Naps. There's nothing more decadent than a nap in the sunshine on a beautiful spring day. It's almost a sinful WASTE of an afternoon, which is why it's decadent. Since I'm planning on being sleep deprived for the next 5 years, I'm taking naps every weekend while I can.

2) Gardening. The itch has started! On a sunny day like today, with the flowering trees in bloom, I'm dying to get in the garden. Unfortunately, I'm still nursing my wounds from the surgery and so I've hired my handy man to come tomorrow and prepare the earth. I bought some lettuces and broccoli and seeds I can start indoors which won't need me to do any bending yet.

3) Movies (see above). Unfortunately, I checked what's playing and there doesn't seem to be much right now. We went from feast (right before Oscars) to famine (now... "The Last House on the Left", anybody? Ugh.) So I guess I'll catch up Netflix-like.

4) Cooking. I love cooking, but I've never really been one to spend a lot of time on a meal for one. There are some recipes out there I'd like to try, before I have a 20 pound appendage hanging on to my leg. I can always freeze whatever I don't eat.

5) Reading. I've always been a voracious reader, but lately? Lately my attention span is ROCKING! I usually give out ratings to books I especially like, the ones I can't seem to put down. It seems that is every single one since February. Usually that is not the case, I'm pretty picky. Maybe I've just been lucky. Maybe it's because of BookCrossing (remind me to tell you about BookCrossing later) and all the readers I'm in touch with giving me excellent recommendations... In any case, I plan on continuing to read as much as I possibly can in the next few months. So far this year alone, I've read 33 books and 17 of them I gave "stars".

6) Hiking. I have to wait a week or two more for this, but I'd like to give my dogs one last burst of attention and energy before they become second class citizens.... (and I'm really going to try and not let that happen, but I've seen what happens to my friends' dogs when they have kids...)

7) Adult friends. Id like to see them, have conversations, talk about... oh politics, art, whatever, adult type things. In 3 months it's going to be "gaa gaa goo goo" 24/7. I might become the poster child for the American Psychiatric Association.

It's a totally selfish list. There's no "I want to rescue as many dogs as I can" or "I want to help as many homeless people as I can" on there. But I figure... this is my last chance. For a long time. Soon, it will no longer be all about me, it will be all about her. So I'm getting ready.

What would YOU do if you had 3 months left before a permanent 20 pound attachment to your hip was about to arrive? Have I left anything off my list?


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Take a spur of the moment trip to an adults only location. Leave in the middle of the week even!

Adopting1Soon said...

Ahh... I so wish I could! Mexico was calling to me awhile back, and still is, truth be told.

But with 2 weeks off for surgery, and 3 months of maternity leave coming up, I highly doubt my colleagues would be happy to see me take off for a week of fun in the sun! but oh how I wish I could.....

Single PAP said...

travel. sleep. shop. do things spontaneously.

Michelle J said...

Play tennis, read, beach time and most importantly-- quiet time.
This sounds horrible, but whenever someone gave Shane a toy that made what I thought was an unacceptable noise, the toy disappeared.

Adopting1Soon said...

It might sound horrible.....but I've already thought of that, Michelle. And I don't even have a kid with toys yet!

I'm glad you admitted it, because I think you're an excellent mom. So that means, maybe, I'll be like you in some ways :-)


Emily said...

Mexico is here... calling, calling... Free lodging. It can even be work trip if you want. On a less self-serving note, I really agree with the idea of getting away for adults only fun before it become impossible. That being said, if you come to Mexico, it's definitely not kid-free at this house!

Emily said...

Oh, and about disappearing annoying toys - not just noisy ones either - it's only a delicate dance when it's from a grandparent (and not from your side of the family!)

Adopting1Soon said...

Emily, where in Mexico are you? Anywhere near a beach? yea... I could do a home study.. no problemo....

Emily said...

Mexico City so not near a beach unfortunately but springlike weather year round. Hottest months (i.e. up to 80ish degrees, no humidity) are now through Mayish. It can be a work trip if that helps your conscience or you can just come and laze too.