Monday, March 30, 2009

Not looking good for the puppy :-(

I'm vey sad.

I cannot find anyone to foster the puppy for 2 weeks. I have found a rescue that would take him when they have room, which is usually about 2 weeks.

I cannot foster the puppy for 2 weeks, because my parents are arriving next week to work on the nursery, and I already have 3 dogs, etc. It's just too much. I have fostered before and having 4 dogs in the house is a lot. It's a real handful. Especially if one of them is not house broken/leash trained/jumps all over the furniture/destroys the house, etc.

The shelter told me again that they cannot "hold" the puppy for two weeks. I know what that means.

But then I wonder why God/fate/the universe had me drive by at that specific moment? I thought it meant something. I thought I was supposed to save this dog.

PS No picture today, it would be too dark.


Calmil2 said...

Oh my, this is so sad...I am so sorry! Do you have Craig's List in your area?? If so, you can post on there or on Pet Finder. What about putting up flyers?? Sometimes life is so cruel:( Harmony

dani chrisco said...

if we can figure out a way to get him to iowa we can take him----please please please e-mail me

daniellechrisco @ gmail . com

w/o spaces

thanks so much

Adopting1Soon said...

I did post on Craigs List that I had found him, and checked the lost ads, Camille. But there's another problem now... te shelter did a temperament test, and while he's not aggressive, he's scared. He's scared though (and after being there a few days I'm not surprised, plus the test they do is scary, like making loud noises, giving him food and then taking it away to see how he will react, etc) It's noisy in there, clanging, barking, and he's been on the road around loud cars.... I'm not at all surprised he's scared. I'm more surprised he's not aggressive, frankly. So because he is skittish, he "failed" the temperament test. Not abysmally failed, but failed nonetheless and the shelter will not release him to a person, it has to be to a rescue only. So thanks dani chriso but your offer won't work even if I could figure out a way to get him to you. I AM trying to figure out if the rescue who will take him in 2 weeks will pull him out of there if I can find a foster.

dani said...

Ok a friend of mine gave me this it is a rescue:

D.O.G.S. Website Phone # 252-808-1824. It seems they always will take puppies because they are easy to place she said.

So they are not going to put him down and if he gets to a new shelter he will be able to be put up for adoption?

Another one here in Iowa is:
Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue
PO Box 312, Des Moines, Iowa 50302 • PO Box 38, Boone, Iowa 50036
Tele: 515.577.1745 • Fax: 515.432.1970

They take animals from all over-they go to foster homes and are a no-kill

Please let us know if you get a hold of either of these rescues!!!

Thanks so much!

Catebb said...

There was someone on Michelles facebook page in Illimois that said they would take him!
Pull that puppy before its too late!

Julia said...

The need to pick up dogs on the sides of roads kills me. Good luck with the rescue efforts.

I've made my blog private - if you want to keep following send my your email address: JuliaTN at gmail dot com.

...and reminding you to talk about BookCrossing

Anonymous said...

try 10 in the house, working fulltime and going to school fulltime. Its not impossible you just have to want to extend yourself. When it comes to me being inconvienced or death I choose my suffering.

Adopting1Soon said...

Why is it always the most judgemental people ho leave anonymous comments? Hmmm.... However, I must respond: bragging that you have 10 dogs and are in school fulltime and work full time is dicey imo. It borders on neglect and some would even say hoarding. Frankly I think I know who ths person is, and she doesn't even walk those 10 dogs, thinking a fenced in yard is enough exercise for 10 LARGE, energetic breeds. Then they end up bored and fighting and she doesn't think that is a problem. So yea, neglectful if I were to get judgemental myself. Sometimes the humane thing is to know your limits. Next time, why not sign your name, Melissa?