Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

(5 points for first person to tell me who starred in the title movie)

What a day, what a day.

1) End of week, exhausted.

2) On my way to a meeting, but luckily was taking lunch on the way and was 45 minutes early.

3) Saw chow-chow puppy running on the side of the highway

4) Pulled over.

5) In the driving rain. It was raining so hard the car roof sounded like pennies were dropping on it.

6) Used lunch meat to lure dog close. Spent 45 minutes in the rain trying to catch willy (yet friendly) pup.

7) Could NOT catch pup. Resigned myself to having tried and had to get to meeting. Called Animal Control. They said "We'll send someone AFTER THE WEATHER CLEARS." Umm.... my tax dollars are for rainy days too, mister.

8) Put key in ignition.

9) Car wouldn't start.

10) Tried about 10 times.

11) Still wouldn't start.

12) Called colleague who saved me with jumper cables and happened to know a lot about cars.

13) Drive to meeting, look in rear view, puppy is running after my car. Stop, try to catch pup again. Nope, no deal, he can't trust me enough although I can see he wants to. He'll come up to 2 inches from my hand, but he won't let me any closer. At times, he oh-so-gently takes ham from my finger tips... so tenderly and shyly. If I could read his mind, it would probably be saying something along the lines of:" This woman SEEMS pretty nice... but it's been tough out here and I've been fooled before. I'm cold and lonely though... but I just can't chance it, she may be trying to trick me."

14) But at this point I'm already 5 minutes late, soaked to the core, and I have to go. Sight in rear view of puppy following the car is enough to slay me. I can't concentrate in meeting.

15) After the meeting, car-expert colleague tells me to get me to a Auto Zone and buy a new battery and not switch off my car between now and then.

16) On the way to Auto Zone, decide to take SLIGHT detour to see if puppy is still there. He isn't. Heart sinks. He must be terrified, wet, alone.

14) Make U-turn, look in rear view one last time. THERE HE IS!

15) Execute perfect 180 a la James Bond.

16) (Don't worry mom and dad, it's a pretty deserted area.)

17) Drive right up to him, call him, he comes right up. He is ready to be caught. He has surrendered. It's too wet, too cold, and he's too hungry. He's ready to trust me. I caught him EASILY. Animal Control pulls up right then. I debate taking him with me or sending him to the shelter.

18) In the end, I let him go to the shelter. He has 3 days. 3 short days, and over the weekend no less, before he is euthanized.

19) So much for trusting me. I feel awful. I have duped him. He will not understand why. He will not understand the cold bars and cacophony of the animal shelter. He will smell the euthanize area, and he will know this is not a good place. This will be the last time he trusts a "nice lady" on the side of a road.

20) Soooo.....

21) Can anyone adopt or foster this puppy? Does anyone know of a Chow Rescue that has room?
He is in Western NC, and transport can most likely be arranged.

Disclaimer: the puppy picture above is from google images, though the puppy I caught looks very similar, complete with black tongue. I did not have my camera with me the day I caught him. I will soon post a real picture of him.


sko3 said...

I so want him.
My cats so do not.
I hope you find someone soon.

Ransom said...

Gosh, I'll put the word out. What area of the country do you live in?

Adopting1Soon said...

Ransom I live in Western NC thanks.. if you know any rescues of people wanting a (I think) pure bred chow, I can usually arrange transport.

Daniel and Danielle said...

Could you foster him until you find a home? We would take him but we live in Iowa

Michelle J said...

This looks like it might be a good place to start: