Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springtime waiting... and American Idol

There's nothing new to report on the adoption front. My mom was concerned about Baby Girl's heat rash on her neck. I asked the agency to send a doctor. They did, right away. I was quite impressed with the speed with which they reacted. Baby Girl's on the mend.

My mother should be returning from the Ethiopian bush to Addis in the next couple of days and hopefully there will be more news then.

I'm walking the dogs after work, taking care of #6. Well, it's not quite hiking as I'm trying to find flat roads, but it's better than nothing.

Although I'm tired mentally after work usually, I'm finding I have about 30 minutes of additional energy lately. Either because it's spring and I alway feel renewed in spring, or because I've lost a little weight recently and it's easier to walk around all day without carrying the extra load.

How does spring affect you?

Now, is anyone watching American Idol this season? I can't help it, I love the show. It gives me a reason to stay awake on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I figured out the new "Judge's Save" rule and why they came up with that, by the way. At first I thought it was for the reason they said... to save someone who deserved a second chance. But the more I thought about it, I think I've got their number. It's all about the money, of course! They were upset Chris Daughtry was eliminated and went on to make MILLIONS. They couldn't partake of that because only the winner is under contract to record with their label. So it all makes sense now. So last week when they were deciding whether to "save" the blond screamer, they probably thought to themselves: "Would she make millions?" and the answer is, no, she would not make more than some of the others up there. They need to hold back their "save" in case Lil (who sound awful last night: yell, yell, yell!) gets unexpectedly eliminated, or Gokey. Or Adam. Now he is intriguing.

At this point, only Adam is original enough to get my vote. If I voted.
My prediction for tonight?

Goodbye Megan or Michael Sarver. Not sure which one.

Who do you think is gonzo? Who would you like to see win?


Queen Diva said...

Hey Michelle,

I can't vote because I have not been watching American Idol. I usually don't start to watch until they get down to the very end. Are they at the end yet?


Michelle J said...

Oh you did update! I spoke too soon on FB. I LOVE the photo for this post. What type of tree is that? It's gorgeous!
Can't say how I respond to a normal Spring...I think our Winter is your Spring and then we move straight into Summer.
I don't watch Idol, but I do have other reality tv guilty pleasures.. how about House Wives of NY or Millionaire Matchmaker?

Kristine said...

I'd love to hear all about your moms trip! email me privately if you can

Adopting1Soon said...

Andrea, they have 9 left, so it's definitely time to start watching!

Adopting1Soon said...

Michelle, That is a Weeping Cherry and it's about to bloom. It blooms every year around my birthday, which is really nice :-) Come visit and see it for yourself, it's better in person. It kind of "pops"... the color I mean. Plus with the pink and yellow tulips, and yellow forsythia, it's all pretty spectacular an color coordinated :-)


Michelle J said...

One Spring I'll have to see it in person, but you'll have to take pictures for me this year. We can't leave-- have to get be here and available to do interviews. Unemployment in Fl won't cover much at all. Ick.