Monday, March 16, 2009

Biggest, bestest, most exciting news YET!!!!!

I remember special ordering a sweatshirt for my mom years ago for Christmas, that had a picture of my dog Hannah on it. This was when I first adopted Hannah, in 2001. The shirt had a caption that said: "You mean to tell me I'm the proud grandmother of a.... dog??!!??" My mom loved that sweatshirt and wore it with pride until the picture faded.... Well, it's time to get a NEW sweatshirt people because......

My mom landed in Addis 2 hours ago!!!

Tomorrow, she will be going to the care center to meet my (soon to be) daughter, her (soon to be) first granddaughter of the human species!!!

She is bringing a video camera!!!

The reason my mom gets to do this is because, way before I even mentioned the word "adoption", she had accepted a job in Ethiopia. She is an "educational tour guide" and takes people to really neat places on tours for the Smithsonian Museum, where they hear lectures and visit ruins and so forth. She usually goes to Thailand, Egypt, Oxford and such. This is her first trip to Ethiopia.

Originally, we had discussed my going along with her, as the airfare on Ethiopian Airways was two-for one during the month of March. Unfortunately, because of my surgery, it worked out that I couldn't go. Both because I'm still healing (and in pain) and also because I can't take so much time off of work. My team already covered for me while I was out on sick leave, and they will be covering for me during my maternity leave also. I just couldn't ask them, nor do I have that much time accrued, to cover for me for yet another week.

But my mother getting to go is the next best thing.

I have sent her with a list of questions to ask about my daughter, as well as strict instructions not to be the "pushy American". I read somewhere that the Ethiopians are a quieter type inter personally and sometimes see Americans as loud and obnoxious (they wouldn't be the only culture to view us as such, frankly...). My mom (who for her job has learned to get things done and be assertive) is going to have to be the utmost of diplomatic and charming - traits she is also blessed to have.

She will be calling me tomorrow morning after having met her granddaughter for the first time! This will be my first information of what her little personality is like. I wonder.... is she a happy baby? A scared or anxious baby? From the pictures she looks alert and curious, yet almost zen-like in her expression. How accurate is my reading on her from just some pictures?

I can't wait for the video!!!!!

So mom will be all over Ethiopia for 2 weeks. She gets to spend time tomorrow at the care center, and then the next day takes her group of participants to various different locations and tribes. After about 14 days, she will return to Addis for 2 more days, and hopefully get to be with my daughter some more. She is bringing one suitcase for herself, and one suitcase full of donations for various orphanages. Thanks to all those who donated!

I' ll be posting as soon as I can on what her little personality is like..... tomorrow morning, tune in.


Cathy said...

I know. I bet they are working so hard....

There are just so many questions and not enough answers. I was told about the embassy appointments too but was also told that if an agency has more than 20 families to push through in a month they can request extra days in advance.

Can't wait to hear about your daughter. How exciting!!!

Calmil2 said...

So exciting!!! Can't wait to hear about your little sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how exciting! I cannot wait to hear your mom's take. I found her totally zen-like-- I actually thought of that word about a sentence before I read it in your post above.

Looking forward to hearing more!

Single PAP said...

WOW!!! that is totally amazing! And, what's also amazing is your mom's job!! I want to do that! Can't wait to hear more! How fortunate you are!

Adopting1Soon said...

Really Rosie? You thought she was zen-like? As a soon-to-be SINGLE parent... I can't tell you how much that is music to my ears... I guess I'll find out, eh??

Tami said...

wow, what an interesting family you have! What a gift!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to hear more!! I'm totally squirming in my seat from the anticipation!

Carole Turner said...

That made me cry thinking how great it is that your mom gets to meet your baby girl!!