Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update from Addis!

This morning as I was leaving the house I got a very strong psychic sense that my mom and daughter were together. Of course, knowing approximately the planned time of their meeting, one could argue that there was nothing "psychic" about my feeling. But it was strong anyway ;-)

My mom called me later this morning to report on their 2 hour meeting. Here are the details in no particular order:

1) Baby girl has lots of hair. The care workers put it in a teeny pony tail which is very cute.

2) Baby girl has little to no neck. She has a heat rash where her neck should be, mom asked the care workers to start putting powder on it.

3) Baby girl is cute and smiles a lot.

4) Baby girl weighs 17 lbs and is 25 centimeters long (exactly the same weight as my nephew who is American and born - possibly- the same day). She's smaller than her pictures look and wouldn't fit into the 9 month outfit my mom brought.

5) She can sit up on her own, but sometimes falls over and then tries to push herself back up but can't on her own yet.

6) She didn't cry at all and wasn't scared of my mom, although another little baby started shrieking when he saw my mom!

7) She's very calm and had no problem being handled by my mom or anyone else.

8) She's easy going.

9) She loved the toys my mom brought her and was able to play with them.

10) She played with my mom's top and took her glasses off.

11) All the care workers seemed attached to her and were invested in getting her to smile.

12) My mom was able to get video and pictures, although I'll have to wait 2 weeks to see them! Agh!

13) Baby girl just started on solid food. Something called 'Mother's -------' a porridge like substance (anyone know the name?)

14) I got a smidgen of information about her history, with promises to get more.

15) My mom said she felt a connection with Baby girl as soon as Baby girl was willing to be held by her and didn't cry ;-)

16) She looks exactly like her most recent pictures.

17) She's alert and curious.

18) No tears.

Yay! Doesn't she sound wonderful? I have a psychic feeling that we are going to be a great match for each other.


K Leclercq said...

I just found your blog. Congratulations!!! Your mom sounds amazing and so does your little baby girl! I'm a single mom as well. I adopted my son from Guatemala (he's now 19 months) and am waiting to submit my dossier to Ethiopia for #2. I look forward to following along your journey!

J-momma said...

awww....that must be so nice to get those details. man! i'm dying just waiting two weeks to meet my girl, i can't imagine waiting months. it's one thing when you don't know about the child, but having to see pictures and still waiting...that must be torture! i hope the time goes fast for you.

Calmil2 said...

OH, how exciting and special to get the update from your mom. I can't wait till she gets home to get you those pictures and video. It must feel so good to know she's doing so well! Harmony

Single PAP said...

Wow! So fortunate to get a wonderful update on that peaceful baby girl of yours! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Rachael said...

Oh, I remember the "Mother's ....." stuff! I'm not positive, but I think it's Mother's Choice. It's a lot like American baby cereal and comes in different flavors (like carrot). We bought extra boxes to take home with us and just mixed in milk. Our daughter ate it warm or cold. What a wonderful treat to have all of this firsthand information about your daughter!