Sunday, March 29, 2009

Addis Redux

(10 points to the first person to get the literary allusion in the title)

Mom called!

Baby girl is crawling already!

OK, time needs to sloooow down in Addis, and SPEED up over here!

Does anyone think this is amazing? I mean, she is 6 months old and already she is crawling, sitting up (falling over and not able to sit back up,but still, able to sit up on her own for a little while), grasping toys in her fists and not letting them drop, having extended eye contact, laughing, and smiling.

My nephew is the same age and I don't think he is anywhere near crawling yet.

Also, Baby Girl is in the 95% on the U.S. growth charts for her age!

I got her actual birth date. Could there have been a mistake somewhere along the line? Or is my daughter some kind of freakishly advanced wonder child Olympic medalist in the making?

Momma's, what thinkist thou?

Other details include that she is a very happy baby. Yay!
Mom will go back to the care center one last time tomorrow and then return to the States. With my VIDEO. *big grin*


J-momma said...

oh, definitely freakishly advanced wonder child Olympic medalist in the making!

J-momma said...

saw the registry and LOVE the "I'm kind of a big deal" T-shirt. So funny! i must get one of those!

Single PAP said...

smart cookie you got there!

Kristine said...

How sweet! I totally understand what you mean- it's like, just stay little until I get there!
Ages can be off...depends on how they "know" her birthday. Are you very sure??