Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh no...Mrs. Haregewoin Teferra has died.

My mom is in the middle of reading "There is No Me Without You" the book written by Melissa Fay Greene about this amazing woman, Mrs. Haregewoin Teferra. She's reading it because I'm "making" her. Because it's such an amazing book, an eye-opening, life-changing book. About this woman, Mrs. Haregewoin Teferra.

Mrs. Teferra lost her own daughter to illness, and in her time of grieving started taking in Ethiopia's orphans. Soon her small one room tin metal house was overwhelmed by dozens of children, all needing her love and attention. Then there were 40 orphans. Then 50! The book is about Mrs. Teferra, the orphans, HIV/AIDS and Ethiopia. It was a splendid book which gave me goose bumps (especially it's last chapter).
I also admired how Ms. Greene did not sugar coat the situation and there were times in the book when Mr. Teferra came off as more human than saint.

The world has lost a very special person today.

She inspired in me day dreams of opening my own care center in Ethiopia. I had day dreams of meeting her during my trip there this summer. Perhaps one day, my dreams will come true... but sadly, not of meeting her in person.

You can click on the link to be taken to Melissa Fay Greene's website and announcement.


Michelle J. said...

Your description makes me want to read the book as well. I wonder what will become of the children she has been caring for now that she has passed?
And what about your dream of having an animal/dog rescue? Has that been replaced or added to?

Adopting1Soon said...

Maybe I will have a dog rescue in the backyard of the care center I open ;-)


PS I will send you the book when my mom is done, if you like.

Michelle J said...

I would like that, thanks!

My uncle is working with a few other guys on a project they anticipate will generate a substantial income. My mom recently told me that should it, he would like to set up a fund that would enable me to have a rescue/care center. It's a pipe dream, but such a kind thought. Should such a pipe dream ever happen, we can combine forces :)

bridget and luke said...

This is indeed such very SAD news.

Just got your post on my blog....and so glad that it touched you. Feel free to link away!