Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adopting siblings

Here is an article my dad sent me this morning on adopting siblings. I don't think I could handle two kids, being a single mom, or at least not right out of the gate. Maybe later on, once my (soon to be) daughter has grown up a bit and I'm more used to the "mom" role.

Of course, there's nothing like a brood to make one hit the ground running, I suppose!

As the article points out, the benefits are many for the children. They have a built in support system that way. There are thousands of sibling groups waiting to be adopted, getting older and spending too much of their lives in orphanages. I think if I had a husband, I would definitely have wanted to adopt a group. I just am scared it would be too much, being single and working full time... how would I be able to spend enough quality time with each child? How would I afford day care for two? One is expensive enough! Do you all know daycare around here is $900.00 per month?!?!?!
So, for me, pre-requisites to adopting a sibling group would be either 1) a husband to help or 2) unlimited funding so I could quit my job.
Unfortunately, neither of those prospects seem to be on the horizon. One can always hope though, and continue to buy lotto tickets and computer dating. SIGH.

Would you ever consider adopting siblings?



Yes Michelle,

I agree with you. Initially, I thought about adopting a sibling group but as "single women" we have to be mindful of the expense in raising more than one child. Child care is no joke. You also have to factor in food, healthcare, and clothes because children grow like weed. I would love for my daughter to grow up with a sibling but I just cannot afford it. And your right, a husband or winning the lottery would be the answer.


Carole Turner said...


sko3 said...

I really wanted to get sibs, too, but child care in my neck of the woods---900 subsidized--to 1800!!!!!

I love having a sister and would love to adopt a second if this adoption ever ends. But I may have to wait until #1 is in first grade.


Single PAP said...

lottery tickets and computer dating. (and daily brainstorming on business ideas). welcome to my world. sigh.