Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ten things you absolutely need to know about my dogs

This is a gratuitous post so I can show off more pictures of my beautiful dogs.

1) If I were blind I could still tell who is drinking out of the toilet because they all have different rhythms of lapping.

Beulah: lap.....lap......lap....

Hannah: lappity, lap, lappity, lap....

Boo: laplapswallow, laplapswallow....

2) Same for barking!

Beulah: A-woo-woo-woo-woo-wooooo!

Hanah: Rarf! Rarf! Rarf!

Boo: Doesn't bark.

3) Boo is the best side sleeper in the world. She is like a body pillow. She makes tighter and tighter circles until she can't get any closer, and then plops herself down on my side, slides down to the bed, and there is no space between us.

4) Boo is a "paw-er". She is very needy and paws at you for attention. It's highly annoying.

5) Hannah will rip to shreds any dog she sees outside the home, but allows fosters to stay inside the home without a problem. WTH?

6) I can tell which dog's poo is in the yard. I won't describe how though. You are spared.

7) Boo can escape from a yard that has both a real 6 foot fence AND an invisible fence. A double barriered high security type fortress. She can also escape from any type of crate known to man, including the kind used to hold lions. She will also paw her way out of a closed room, so she cannot be held in a bathroom or bedroom. Therefore, she gets the run of the house.

8) When I first got Boo, and for the year after that, she would put all 80 lbs of herself on top of the dining room table. My table is now ruined. One behaviorist and $500.00 later, she would still do it so I keep the shades drawn to minimize the temptation (she would get on the table to look out the window)

9) Hannah was the only non-Pitt, non-Rottweiler at the Newark animal shelter and was so terrified the day I adopted her that she would not eat a McDonald's hamburger I bought her on the way home. I think she thought it was "her time". Poor baby.

10) Beulah has been in the newspaper and all over the Internet. She is/was a pretty famous dog at one point, and all her post-Katrina care was payed for out of generous donations from her "fan base".

So there you go. 10 essential facts to clutter your brain a bit more on this beautiful Saturday!

PS, What is with all the circular orbs in my pictures? I have them all over the place, especially pictures in my house. Some of my friends say it's a spirit.... What do you think?


Michelle J said...

Now that you mention it, I can tell which poop belongs to which dog.

4evamom said...

I am glad that you are better.I love this doggie post. The love of dogs is something that my daughter and I had in common.

Ransom said...

Loved the pictures of Hannah and Boo! But, how come BEULAH didn't get her picture featured, too?!

You'll have to tell Han, Boo, and Beu that I am so jealous...I have NEVER gotten to taste toilet water! It sounds delightful! I'm underprivileged, I know!

Ransom said...

(I see you did LINK to the post (with pics) where Beu was featured earlier...guess I ought to let you off the hook, then!)

Adopting1Soon said...

Oh my goodness! I forgot to post the Beulah pic!!! I'm a BAD, BAD doggie mom! Be right back *scurries off to find cute pic*

Single PAP said...

as i was leaving brunch today the humane society was there with 4 dogs available for adoption. i fell in love with dewey, a lab and something mix (can't recall).. a beautiful rust colored 10 month old puppy. loved, loved, loved her! i took the information with me and i have half a mind to go back and get her tomorrow!!! she was so sweet and loving..and housebroken.. she was relenquished by a family cause she kept getting out of the yard! oh i love her.. i just don't know if i am ready and have the time with everything else on my plate. but man oh man was she (he?) ever adorable.....