Monday, May 4, 2009

Sock panic

Today I was hit with a moment of panic: SOCKS.

Charlie has NO. SOCKS.


(Never mind that I only have 3 dresses and nothing else... it was socks that I was focused on right then.)

As you can see, $100.00 later, I have socks. Among other things.

This was a four pack of onesies. I need to start accumulating items that are useful, and not just cute. I also bought a six pack of white onesies, but I'll spare you the picture of them.

This is a bathing suit. How cute is this??? Of COURSE I had to buy it :-)

I try to be super conscious about recycling and not wasting energy or polluting, and I hope to raise a lil' environmentalist.

This is not that great, but it was a dollar fifty! How could I pass that up?

Ok, these shoes were all on sale and they are so fun, I also had to get them. I figure she's going to need something on her feet when we are traveling so it might as well be these cute shoes.

What do you think?
Enough pink yet????


Cathy said...

Is there a such thing as too much pink??? I wasn't aware...I say go for it. It is so much fun to shop for little girls. I think I am addicted :) Now shoes is definitely where I fall short but I am working on it.

Angela said...

You're little outfits are sooo cute. Awe.. hee hee.

Calmil2 said...

OMG...I can not wait to buy tons of pink!!! So adorable.

ModernMom said...

Oh I have to agree..there is no such thing as too much pink. You know what else? You can't have too many socks. I swear the dryer eats those little baby socks!

sko3 said...

But, did you buy socks?