Friday, May 22, 2009

O.M.G! Can it GET any better?????

Some seriously wonderful things have happened this week!

Of course, number 1 is passing court and becoming Charlie's mother.

Followed closely by, in no particular order of importance because I think all these things are EXCELLENT!

My mom gifted her frequent flyer miles and the two of us will be using 280,000 miles (yes, that's TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND miles) to fly to Addis and back! Hurrah, Mom! Massive savings! My mom has been working as a tour guide for decades and I think we are using a large portion of her career miles here. Thank you, Mom.

And THEN tonight my neighbor Sally calls me to come over as her mother, Laurel (of this mural fame) has "something she wants to give you". So I walk over and....

Please click on it for details.

LOOK at this BEAUTIFUL quilted wall hanging that Laurel sewed! From scratch! I wish my camera was better with colors, it matches the mural and bedding perfectly. It's so gorgeous! I'm thrilled to the tips of my toes! Charlie is going to have the best nursery ever!

And THEN (wait It's not over yet!) Laurel presented me with this HAND-CUT (out of wood, she cut it herself) gorgeous mobile!

That also matches the nursery theme and she added a green dragon fly (I love dragon
flies) and a yellow bee, just to make it more interesting for Charlie when she's lieing underneath it.
I tried to take a picture of it, but it's really hard to get it all in one shot as it's a good size and moving and not hung up correctly yet. You can probably get an idea of what it's like.

It's like Disney World on a sunny day! It's colorful and bubbly and fun and moving and crazy and JOY FILLED! I'm just beside myself with gratitude. I must be the luckiest person on earth. To be Charlie's mom, to have a relatively free flight there and back, and to have (not only) talented but GENEROUS neighbors as well.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Charlie. Just because :-)


Angela said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty! It's just as pretty as Charlize. You've really had some extremely good news this week. Free trip including your mom, Jackpot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how absolutely wonderful of Laurel to do all this for you. Both things are absolutely GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL. You are indeed lucky as is Charlie. I can't wait to see it in person.

Love, Mom

Single PAP said...

wow! very nice! (mural and gesture)

J-momma said...

so cool! i'm totally jealous of the handmade gifts. i don't know anyone that clever and artistic. got the book, by the way. love it! oh, and i put up baby pictures. just for you ;)

Queen Diva said...


You hit the JACKPOT!

I'm so thrilled for you!