Sunday, May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle cracks under the pressure

I almost can't believe I'm writing ANOTHER post about a show I don't like (because I resent how manipulative the editing is) and can't even watch (because it's not broadcast in the U.S.)! But this season of Britain's Got Talent just keeps getting more and more outrageous... not unlike the later episodes of Dynasty in the 80's when Krystal and Alexis threw each other into the pool.

Yes, not since the later years of Dynasty has a T.V. show come close to the levels of DRAH-MAH as BGT this season. Well, thank GAWD for You Tube or I would have missed the whole thing.

From Perez:
Reports are coming in that the YouTube sensation had a meltdown earlier this week at her London hotel because of some strangers deciding to "wind her up." Though no one is sure what the two strangers said to Susan, EVERYONE heard what Susan had to say back, as she began to yell and curse at her two antagonizers.

In a rage, the Scottish singer was heard screaming: "How fucking dare you! You can't fucking talk to me like that."

Her angered screams finally brought nearby police to her attention and they escorted Susan to the parking lot for further questioning. Witnesses revealed that Susan was noticeably upset, as she began to retell the story to the police through tears and hysterics. One of the officers said to her : "You are in the public eye, you must learn to expect this sort of thing."

After speaking to the police, TV producers rushed Susan back to her room for privacy, but one onlooker confessed it took a "long time" for her to calm herself."

Well, Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan heard about it too and he thinks people should lay off and leave poor Susan alone! He told the Early Show that he was "feeling more supportive" of the Scottish singer and understands why she would react the way she did.

"You have to remember with Susan, she's a 48-year-old lady from a tiny village in Scotland who has never been exposed to anything like this kind of attention. And I think she's really feeling the heat."

He also revealed that Susan even threatened to leave the show because of the "sheer amount of pressure on her. Because of all the drama surrounding the Britain's Got Talent sensation, the producers of the show placed Susan Boyle in a safe house until tonight's finale.

But some people think she should just leave the competition all together, in order to
sustain her mental health. Professor David Wilson, a former psychologist for reality TV show Big Brother, took into account recent events and judge Piers Morgan's comments on Susan's situation and strongly suggested that Susan leave the competition: "If Britain's Got Talent was an experiment in any university we would have to draw a line on that experiment because ethically we would be putting the person at the heart of that experiment through emotional turmoil."

And then take a look at this video, showing Susan during the final results show, looking drugged. If I hadn't read about the mental health issues here before seeing this video I would have wondered why she looked so flat. Well, flat and anxious at the same time if that's possible. Until they announced the winner and then her smile looked genuine. She looks relieved frankly. But then to top it all of with a cherry, she performs a little burlesque show at the end of the results show... wth?? Has she lost it?

Should the producers have pulled her from the competition, like David Wilson said, because it's psychologically harmful to continue to put her in the public eye? Or should they have let her make up her own mind about what she can and can't handle?

In any case, I wish them all the best and hopefully this will be my last post on the subject of BGT! (at least until next season)

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Angela said...

Gosh, is she really a fruit cake? I had no idea. However, she does look relieved that it's over.