Monday, May 18, 2009

Breaking the sound barrier

Ok, trivia question for the day, for 10 points, answer and points posted this evening:

What was the first man made inventon to break the sound barrier?

No Googling allowed! I will have to use the good old Honor Code for this!

(Clue: the picture is not the answer)

ETA: The whip is the correct answer. congrats to J-Momma (who is mere points away from wining) and Kiki. I'm thinking about having another contest where I would tranfer the points of people in the middle now, and let them keep what they've earned so far. What do you think? Interested in playing again?


J-momma said...

ok. i only got this one (with no cheating, i promise) cause my husband happens to know lots of useless facts especially in regards to science. it's the whip. at least, that's what he thinks. i thought maybe a gun, but he says the whip so we'll go with that.

Kiki said...

Think Indiana Jones, the whip! Learned that from Matthew actually.

Leesavee said...

I have no idea regarding the sound barrier thing, but I'm praying for you regarding your court date in Ethiopia!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. gun
2. race car
3. atom bomb


4evamom said...

A single engine plane?????

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you get my post? I was typing with a baby on my lap, so maybe I messed up.
It was 3 guesses, in this order:
gun, racing car, atom bomb.

Just checking..

Samir said...

whip breaks sound barrier before gun or atom bomb, i think racing car is still working on it - would have to google or wiki to confirm . . .

hoping and praying for great news on Wednesday!