Monday, May 11, 2009

Eight days until court!

I'm starting to psych myself out a bit. In 8 days I could be a mom. It's a weird process... there's no physical daily reminder to break through the huge stomach, no peeing every few minutes, etc., to tell you: "Yup, this is really happening."

This countdown is helping the reality of the situation hit.

This morning as I was making my coffee and feeding the dogs, I was pondering how on earth I'm going to fit in changing diappys and feeding Charlie as well. My world is about to get tossed UP.SIDE. DOWN.

It should be interesting.

Ok, question for today was submitted by reader Danicuz, (so she knows the answer, but I still need the answer!) so BEST answer (most detailed) gets 5 points: How do you get tofu crispy on the outside and scrambled-egg-like consistency on the inside?

And for the non-cooks: Submit a trivia question that I use and I'll give you 5 points too.

Also, your answers are put in based on the time you submit them (they have a time tamp in the comments section, there is no cheating on this). I can't check them from work, so just trust they are in order of submission and you will see your points once I get home this evening.


Daniel and Danielle said...

thinking of you!

Tami said...

Hmmm...I love tofu but I haven't fried it, but I do eat fried cheese! about one of these methods:
- coating it in eggs and flour
- coating in water and flour (for those that don't do eggs)

ModernMom said...

I have no idea! Just wanted to say happy 8 day countdown day!

Single PAP said...

cripsy tofu-

dredge it in cornstarch and pan fry and don't flip it too quickly or it'll fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Well look at that. Single Pap go the answer first anyway! That's what we found: cornstarch is the answer. Well I'm just happy that everyone now knows the secret :) danicuz
Ps: I'll add to use firm or extra firm tofu.

Single PAP said...

yay me!

J-momma said...

r u going to post charlie's picture when you pass court?

Adopting1Soon said...

J-Momma, YES! I'm going to post Charlie's picture the second I pass court. The world has not seen beauty the likes of this since .... well, ever!

(Not biased or anything, I'm totally serious.)