Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 More Days Until Court & Waiting Contest

There are 10 more days until my court date!

Therefore, I really need to step up the trivia waiting contest in an attempt to get some lucky reader up to 100 points.

So each day from now until court I will offer a trivia question of 10 or more points. That means some of you in the bottom quarter still have a chance to win :-)

I have one prize in mind for expectant moms and new moms. I have another prize in mind for a winner who has already been a mom for awhile or isn't a mother. So there is a cool prize for whoever wins.




This is for 10 points to the first person to answer accurately:

How long ago is Lucy estimated to have lived in Ethiopia?

And for 5 points (to a different reader than the first question):
Who was Ethiopia's first emperor?

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

3.2 million years ago. Getting in the game late, but this was the first question I had a shot at before others answered. Hope other answers aren't in line. danicuz

Anonymous said...

Ć’irst emperor disputed: either Mara Takla Haymanot or the offspring of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba: Menelik I. ?
danicuz (trying for the second in case someone got the first)

Single PAP said...

3.3 million years ago...yikes! i'm in last place. that will not do.

Tami said...

3.2 million years ago and Menelik I, first Emperor. I hope this gets me some points. Maybe you'll have a second place prize. LOL

Adopting1Soon said...

Danicuz gets the 10 points and Tami gets the 5 points. (Danicuz, I held back your second answer because you won the first question, in order to give someone else a shot, but good job!)

Anonymous said...

Can you offer points for how to get tofu crispy on your next thing. Because I remember you wanting to know that a long time ago, and I finally figured out how. danicuz

Adopting1Soon said...

Would that be considered stacking the deck in your favor?
Although your memory is outstanding and I feel like asking that question just to reward your memory!
We'll see... check back ;-)

Michelle J said...

I just fry the tofu. :)

missy said...

do i get points if i only know the answers b/c i read the other comments? (3.2 million/menelik)