Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three is the magic number

Here I am at three days until court. Time continues to pass, and actually pass surprisingly quickly. It seems like it was just Monday, and here it is the weekend already. I suppose that's good, as long as time slows down once I get Charlie into my arms!

My social worker said I should hear the court news around noon on May 20th! Since Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of us, they will be in court while I'm asleep and getting ready for work. That is, IF I can sleep that night. If I pass, I will post immediately and load up some pictures of Charlie as well so you all can see what a sweetheart she looks like.

On to the contest. We need a winner by Wednesday!

Name this painting (3 points)

Name this place (3 points)

Name this band (3 points)

Name this animal (3 points)

Name this fairy tale (3 points)

Name this nursery rhyme (3 points)

This is De La Soul. Name their song that includes the number 3 (6 points)

Good luck! I'll print comments and add up points at 8 PM EST.


Anonymous said...

The Three Graces, Three Mile Island, (skip band for a moment), Three toed sloth, Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mice, Three Feet High and Rising,

(and bonus: your title comes from a Schoolhouse Rock song about a couple that has a baby)


Single PAP said...

not that i am obsessing about this contest or anything.. (i don't watch AI much and there is NO way i can surpass J-Momma - LOL!) but this is fun!

ok, here we go.

1. 3 nude ladies (?)

2. 3 mile island

3. 3 shades of grey (ok, no idea who these folks are but it'd be a cool band name)

4. 3-toed sloth

5. 3 little pigs

6. 3 blind mice

7. 3 feet and rising (love DE LA SOUL!)

sending prayers and good vibes your way for court to go smoothly and for you to bring charlie home soon! love the bethesda idea, too, btw. it's a date!!

Anonymous said...

Band is Three Doors Down.

Michelle J said...

3 little pigs
3 blind mice
3 mile island

Not in order, not all of them, but I'm still on my first cup of coffee. :)

4evamom said...

Hello there I can't believe you have only three days left. Wow how exciting! Here are my answers to your questions

1. Painting- Three Graces
2.Place- Three Mile Island
3.Band- Three Days Grace?
4.Animal-Three Toed Sloth
5.Fairy Tale: Three Little Pigs
6.Nursery Rhyme: Three Blind Mice
7.De La Soul: Three Feet High and Rising

J-momma said...

oh no! i've been away at an adoption conference and haven't had a chance to check in and i missed so much! and someone passed me for points! i was doing so well! quick, post another trivia question so i can get ahead again!

Adopting1Soon said...

I know J-Momma, I was wondering where you were! If you'd been back in time, I think you would have been so near 100 as to be practiacally unbeatable But you will get another chance :-) Tomorrow. You are neck in neck with Danicuz... it's sure getting exciting! And one never knows, Michelle J "might be the dark horse in this competition", as Simon Cowell might say....