Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All those clothes I just bought in the previous post? GOING BACK!



Now why didn't I think of EBay up until now? I'm a veteran EBay buyer and seller, but it just never occurred to me. I checked last night and there a thousands of cheap baby clothes available. They are sold in "lots" for the most part, like "Huge lot 62 items 6 -12 months *CUTE* must see!"
So I bid on a few lots and won two auctions. Here's what I got:

For FIVE dollars (!!!!!):

I love the peach butterfly shirt and the retro 70's yellow shirt :-) Also the plaid overall shorts are adorable too.

An here's a lot of 29 items I got for 36 dollars, a little over a dollar per item:

Did I mention I love EBay? It's so much nicer than having to wake up early on a Saturday and get lost on some country road looking for a yard sale which may or may not have any appropriate items for your child. Now know a lot of people get into the yard sale thing, but I'd rather shop from my living room in my p.j.s and save some time and gas!

Edited to add: I just won 2 more auctions! One for 39 articles for 12 dollars and one for 52 articles for 30 dollars! I think I can quit now for awhile. So that is a total of 129 articles of clothing for 83 dollars... under what I spent yesterday for 10 items or so.

EBay is also a great way to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." I just saved 129 articles of clothing from the landfill!

So should I return the mucho expensive clothes I got yesterday and apply that money towards EBay items? I could get a lot more bang for the buck that way. The clothes are not brand new though, but as long as Charlie has a FEW items that are new and just her own, isn't that enough?
Wise moms, what thinkest thou?


Emily S Fertik said...

Go used all the way. They outgrow clothes so fast it's just not worth it, especially if you calculate the math by $ per times worn. With my two, it's rather funny as I gave away all Alexander's one year old clothes soon after we arrived to families with younger kids and now that Daniel has arrived, we are getting many of the same clothes back from the same families whose kids have now outgrown them. I definitely think that kid's clothes should be continuously passed around - and then they come back to you :)

sko3 said...

And remember, people are going to give you clothes as gifts--those can be her brand new clothes!

Queen Diva said...

WOW Michelle!

You CLEANED UP. Those were some really good deals. It just does not make sense to spend a whole lot of money on children because they grow so fast. I'm always bargain shopping for my daughter. I'm going to check out EBay as well.


Single PAP said...

we just wrote the same post!
too funny.
i love yard sales, though.

Rachel said...

This is a great idea! I will definitely be buying used when our little one joins the family.

Brigitte said...

Definitely check out ebay. Also see this cheap baby clothes site

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea. The only caveat: a friend of mine bought a bunch of clothes online only to find that they smelled like smoke: not so nice for baby. So just be careful when you buy that the stuff comes from a smoke free house, has been really well cleaned, or is returnable (then again, for the price, might not matter).
Happy shopping! danicuz

Kiki said...

Way to go. Be careful buying too much early though, because you have to remember that she might be in a size 9-12 months when you get her and that's summer but then you'll need fall/winter when she's 12-18months. Getting the size correct with the time of year was always hard for me. And unless you are planning on changing her outfit 3 times a day, you've basically just bought 4 months worth of clothes at one outfit per day. She may not get a chance to wear everything before she outgrows it.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo do not return that strawberry suit!
It's too cute!