Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Why Ethiopia?"


As I continue to tell people around my about my adoption plans, I am hearing, frequently, "Why Ethiopia?"


Why indeed?

I try to explain that there is a pull there, inside me, for Africa. Maybe because I spent some time there during developmental years. Maybe because if you see starving babies when you are young that image never leaves you.

I spent my growing up years years in the Ivory Coast, as well as Brazil, Indoneisia, Egypt, Bolivia. I also recently went to Thailand and LOVED it and loved the gentleness of the people.

All were looked in to as possible adoption countries.

Many of these countries had issues adopting to singles, or issues adopting at all to foreigners. Many African countries the State Department warns not to get involved with as their infrastructure is not stable enough to promise a succesful adoption (not that there are any guarantees ever with adoption) so I choose ET. Even if there had been more choices, I still think I would have chose ET. I like the country, the people are GORGEOUS, the culture and food is delicious, the music is fun, the countryside is beautiful, it's a place I would want to return to with my child when she is older, etc.

I just felt a pull there. It's a bit hard to explain.

Actually, seeing those kids is what made me become a social worker, to "save the starving kids in ET". Somehow I ended up not working in international social work (although, who knows what the future might bring...) but that pull is still there. And it's NOT to "save a child"... in fact, I think I would be the luckiest person EVER to be handed a baby and told "she's your daughter". How freaking amazing is THAT???!!! It's totally selfish on my part, nothing altruistic about it. If I happen to be able to feed a person, and provide a loving warm home, and a good education, good healthcare, that's wonderful too.


Here is a video I found that makes me cry (in a good way).

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