Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spoke (wrote) too soon.....


I wrote too soon regarding my upcoming timeline, so I've gone back and edited it a bit. The reason is my birth certificate.... I never had one. Since I was born overseas to U.S.Diplomats, I automatically was a U.S.Citizen and never needed to get official documents once we returned to the States. I may or may not have a "Report of Birth Abroad" and the State Department now has to go looking for that. That could take another 3 weeks. All this after they cashed my check and have been "looking" for my birth certificate for 6 weeks! Were they ever going to tell me I didn't have one? Or were they going to wait until my daughter was age 10 before letting me know?

Thankfully, my parents, who live near D.C., were able to go to the Office of Vital Statistics in person and get this all figured out. Otherwise I'd still be sitting here waiting for the mail everyday. It's impossible to reach a human through the phone number listed on their website and emails remain unanswered.

I thought I'd post this just in case in the future there is an adoptive parent born abroad to diplomats... you most likely won't have a birth certificate either. I might have just saved you weeks or months of waiting.
On the other hand, part of me has to believe in the whole fate thing and that these things happen for a reason, the reason being my daughter isn't born yet and I need to wait a bit maybe.... or my daughter hasn't been reliquished yet and I need to wait a bit maybe...

I have asked those in charge to check and see if my Brazilian birth certificate will do as far as the dossier goes. I do have a Brazilian BC. I don't know if that would complicate matters since I'm a US citizen or not. I don't want to complicate matters.

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