Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chickens on dusty roads and Fanta in glass bottles.

A few of my agency's families returned home from Ethiopia yesterday with their children and have posted pictures and slide shows. I wish I could have gone with them! I love the pictures, they remind me so much of "home". I know that must sound strange, but I grew up in "developing" countries and so I don't really have a "hometown". But anyplace that has chickens scattering across dusty pot-holed roads and Fanta soda in glass bottles being sold out of tin huts, and rickshaws feels like "home" to me! And so watching these slide shows gave me a good sense that most likely I will feel pretty comfortable in Ethiopia (as long as I don't catch a stomach bug). Here are the links, you can see their beautiful new families and also what I mean about tin huts and chickens.

Also, there might be some new pictures of my soon to be daughter to see!

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