Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sleeping experiment

I'm going to try a new sleeping arrangement due to the concerns listed in the below post "Dogs and Babies." Tonight, I've made a fresh bed with new linens and I'd really like to keep the hair off anyway! So I'm going to tell the girls to sleep on the floor. Tune in tomorrow to find out how it went.

Lately, I've had a perpetually stuffed up nose and I'm beginning to wonder if I have allergies. I'm hoping they are not allergies to dogs. In my 38 years I have never had an allergy to anything, but this fall I started being completely stuffed for major periods of the day, everyday. Someone told me it was the mold on the autumn leaves. OK. But now what is it?

So I vacuumed and made a fresh bed, left the windows wide open, turned off the heat and... we'll see.

(P.S. It's 60 degrees today! No wonder I felt like a little spring cleaning :-)

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J-momma said...

hi. thanks for the comment on my blog. if you notice my more recent post i made another list and kicked my husband out of the process. i made a list of hispanic names and then names for any race and my hubby can pick one when we get a kid. but my favs are Dante, Javi (Hah-vi), Beniah, and Zander. I love your picks. i voted for Lola but i guess i'm in the minority. i like Tessa though too. any of the names will be beautiful for a little girl. i like Sage too. i know a little hispanic girl named sage who is a sweet heart. good luck with your adoption. i'll add you to my blog roll if that's okay.