Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great referral news! Maybe. Choices



Yesterday I met with my agency's social worker. She said that my mom could visit the orphanage and take videos, pictures, and bring gifts if she wanted when she travels to ET in March on a trip she had already planned before this whole adoption process started.

She also said that I was welcome to go in March as well, if I could afford two trips. I would be able to learn the culture a bit and explore the country, so that I could teach my child about it. I could visit the orphange. If I had a referral by then, I could meet her!

The original thought, was that I would be traveling later in the year just due to the length of time things usually take. During the rainy season traveling is not good. You have to wear knee high boots as the roads are flooded with rain and SEWAGE. I can't see wanting to go to the market/coffee ceremony/museum in sewage.

Also, I was planning a trip to Mexico in March, and while tickets are not yet bought, I was looking forward to it as my "last" hurrah before becoming a tired parent. I cannot afford a Mexico trip, plus an ET trip, plus an ET "pick up" trip (either financially or in annual leave from work.) One airfare to ET is equal to a week's stay in Mexico, all inclusive.

Major decisions....

What would you do if it was your choice?

Mexico in March and ET in rainy season?

Travel to ET in March to explore? Then go back a couple months later to adopt?


Sarah said...

Wow, that's pretty fast *glee*

I'd say go to ET both times if you can ;)



That’s exciting news about a referral in March!

The good thing about going to Ethiopia to see your daughter before the adoption is final is that she will be an automatic citizen when she arrives in the U.S. But the flip side is that you will be torn leaving her behind.

If I could afford it, I think I would take the trip to Ethiopia twice and I’m saying this now because when I went to Ethiopia last year I was not able to see Ethiopia the way I would have liked to. The time was too short and it was all about the embassy appointment and picking up my daughter at the orphanage. I did not have anytime to truly sightsee. So, my recommendation is to go before, if you can. Mexico will always be here but traveling to Ethiopia is a trip of a lifetime.


Adopting1Soon said...


Easy for you to say!

Just kidding, I get what you are saying.

Either way, I would spend a week in ET exploring, it's just a matter of doing it in the dry season or POSSIBLY in the rainy season if court doesn't pass the first time. So it's better to travel in the dry, of course.

Can you explain what you mean about "automatically be a US citizen" if I go there ahead of time?

I thought that as long as the court was finished and the parent went to pick up the child (as opposed to having an escort bring the child to the US) that the child would automatically be a US citizen as soon as you both landed on US soil.

Is that incorrect?

No one has told me it take 2 trips to make the US citizen automatic.

Thanks Andrea, it's good to have someone who just went through this to help me figure out the details.


If you travel to see the child before the adoption is finalized, the your child will be issued a visa with an IR3 classification ("Immediate Relative -- Orphan Adopted Abroad by U.S. Citizen"), he or she will automatically become a U.S. citizen when they enter the county. A couple weeks after you arrive home you will receive a Certificate of Naturalization.

If you DO NOT travel to see the child before the adoption is finalized, then the child will be issued an "IR4" classification visa. ("Immediate Relative - Orphan to be Adopted in the United States by U.S. Citizen."). You will have to re-adopt your daughter in the states, and then apply for her citizenship. Your daughter will be issued a permanent resident card and you apply for her citizenship after you receive the card and after she is re-adopted in your state.