Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When is enough, ENOUGH??? (Michelle Duggar, anyone?)


The Internet is abuzz with Brangelina adoption rumours again. This time a 2 year old girl from Ethiopia, ostensibly to keep Zahara company (and be another darker face for Z to see on a daily basis). There are many sites carrying this news but they all quote the same source. Once of the quotes is "Angelina gets a kick from saving kids and giving them this amazing life they would have never had otherwise." Which bothers me. I'm relatively sure Angelina never said she "gets a kick" out of adoption. I've heard her speak on the topic and she is always eloquent and talks about trying to be a good mother and how her kids add to her life, not about adoption as saving children. And being a humanitarian, if anyone was to talk of saving children, if would be her. But it seems in her personal life she makes a distinction: She is lucky to have them, they are lucky to have her, but they do not "owe" her anything for "saving" them. I'm so glad she gives a good face to adoption.

Then there is another quote: "Yes they might be adding to their family fast but they want all their kids to be roughly the same age so they do the nanny stage and get it over and done with. Another kid in the house will make no difference to the noise and chaos they already have." This "insider source" is highly annoying. Another child will make no difference in the household? Just another kid that will make chaos? Grr...

If the rumours are true this time, I wish her all the luck.

And as far as comments: Do you all think she should stop at this point? When is enough too many?

My opinion: As long as she can pay them all the attention they need, more power to her. She is not a Michelle Duggar who is overpopulating the earth for some self-serving reason. Now that REALLY gets my goat! Edited to add: It's not the number of kids that drives me bonkers with the Duggars... it's the egotistical need to spread their DNA everywhere, when a planet is suffering from over-population, over-pollution, lack of sustainability, etc. I agree with the commentor who wrote they should adopt childen who are already on this earth and need a home rather than continue this insanity. It reminds me of the narcissitic need some of the sperm donors in "The Genius Factory" felt to make sure their DNA was spread far and wide on this earth, like some macho contest.



J-momma said...

Ugh! The Duggars! they drive me crazy too. if you love kids and want so many, why not adopt some of the millions in foster care! and i love angelina. of course, i don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but they appear to be doing the right thing. i hope she does adopt more, as long as they aren't being abused or neglected and are getting the love and nurturing they need, why not? they certainly have the money. i don't think there should be a number that's too many. it all depends on what threshold the parents have to parent them well. in my opinion anyway.

Michelle J said...

Mrs. Duggar is mentally ill, in my opinion.

You have too many when you can no longer honestly give each child the time, attention and focus they deserve. For me, that would be more than 2. For another person, that may be 5. I can't imagine anyone really being able to provide all the emotional connection a child deserves with 5 or more. I'm sure it happens, but I can't fathom it.

Adopting1Soon said...

Well, she's doing it with her husband, so they must both be mentally ill, or he's very controlling, or they are religiously inclined to re-populate the world in their faith (which ever one it is). Or they are narcissists. Or a combo of all of the above.

Single PAP said...

don't even get me started on the duggars. completely egocentric and wacko for sure. as far and andelina and brad, they are getting on the high number in terms of attention but that said, they are wealthy and seem to be good parents but i think 2 more should be the limit. (i know that's a bit arbitrary, but i knew a family of 8 growing up --or were there 6? -- and they seemed happy and well adjusted).

Bryan said...

Personally, I think one is my limit. After that, I think fish are nice.

Michelle J said...

Mika, You're right- he's mentally ill as well. I put if off on her because it's her body and she seems to WANT to keep subjecting herself not only to more children, but to the damage that it must do to her. My word. I can't imagine what her body is like at this point. I'm not being vain here...inside and out it has got to take a big toll.
Bryan, right there with you.