Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As long as we're talking adoption.... what about a dog?

Ok, THIS is ridiculous! (click on pink word to see video)

Florida couple pays $150,000 for first commercially cloned dog

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Six years ago, a Boca Raton family froze their dog Lancelot's DNA. On Monday they picked up their new pooch that just happens to have all their former dog's genes.
"The only sad thing about dogs is that they have such a short life, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could live your life with the same dog," said Nina Otto, Lancy's owner.
Turns out you can, in a way....

With millions of dogs being put to death every year, I think it's EGREGIOUS to pay this kind of money, which I can think of hundreds of better uses for, to clone your dog. Yes, I understand the bond people have with their dogs. And I even understand wanting them to live with you forever. It does seem unfair that they live such short lives comparatively... but I take their lack of life span to mean I'm obviously meant to spend my life with SEVERAL dogs. Cloning your dog is so GROSS! I can't even think of a word that describes how I feel about it. It's ADDING to the overpopulation problem (just like puppy mills and back yard breeders, who also make me SICK!) and it's SELFISH and it's NOT THE SAME DOG so that also makes it STUPID.

Here's what I would have done with that $150,000.00:

1) Bought a farm and opened an animal sanctuary
2) Paid for the medical care and spay/neuter of THOUSANDS of rescued pets
3) Why keep it just for animals? That money could keep entire families together either here in the U.S., or in Ethiopia. It could feed them and keep children with birth families. But NOooooo... these people want a look alike dog instead!
4) Buy 10,000 cans of formula for orphanages who are running out in ET
5) I could have put that $$ away for my daughter's college fund, or if I didn't have a daughter I could have started a scholarship fund for a needy kid
6) Could have paid for HIV/AIDS retrovirus medication for AHOPE or other orphanage that accepts HIV positive children
7) Could have bought clothes, school books, toys, etc, etc for those orphans
8) More selfish, but still better than cloning a dog in my opinion: could have used that $ to go on 75 vacations (that's all the vacations a person needs in their lifetime and more!)

So... you get my drift. People like this should have to pass a test before they are given that much money to waste.

What would YOU do if you had that kind of EXTRA cash lying around?

ETA: Doing a quick search on shows over 125 adoptable Yellow labradors available in the Boca Raton area.



Calmil2 said...

Okay, so I too think that is just plain crazy, coo coo! I've been following your blog and REALLY like what you post. I have an adoption agency question and was wondering if I could E-mail you privately. Can you E-mail me with your E-mail and then i'll E-mail you (does that sound like a dance?) thanks.

Katie said...

As an animal lover, this made me sick too. I said the same things that you said here, when my friend who was working as a vet tech told me about a family who got their dog neutered but they didn't want him to look neutered. So they dropped something ridiculous like $500 on "neuticles." They're fake testicles. Seriously. Could've donated that to an animal shelter, but no...the dog needs cosmetic surgery. AUGH!