Thursday, January 15, 2009

USAIR Flight # 1549 (!!!!!!)

A couple of birds??!!!!

Oh my Goodness! I didn't know a few birds could down a JET! don't they have screens in front of those engines? Shouldn't they have screens then?

I can't believe this. I was just flying out of that area to Charlotte on US AIRWAYS 4days ago!

(Note to self: add birds to list of anxieties perseverated on during flights.)

Usually crashes occur either right before or right after I fly. I tend to (guiltily) appreciate the ones that happen before as that makes *my* flight "safer". I know, I have completely twisted thinking processes...

This past weekend I flew US AIRWAYS and I have to say that on EACH of the four flights,something pretty major went wrong. All four flights were over an hour delayed. One flight had the wrong luggage loaded and we had to wait while it was unloaded and the correct luggage loaded.

Another flight we waited for 25 minutes while they TRIED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO LINE UP THE MOBILE STAIRS TO THE AIRCRAFT. (No comment.)

I guess the most important fact, that we didn't crash, is what I'm most grateful for... however US AIRWAYS has checked that off their to-do list now.

I'm VERY thankful that no one was hurt on Flight 1549! Thank GOD. And kudos to the pilot.


Cocobarks said...

I flew US Airways roundtrip to Ireland from Boston. All of my flights were uncomfortable and all were changed from the original itinerary either last minute or without notifying me.

Moments before I left the house for the airport, I got a call telling me that my flight to NY which would then connect to Philadelphia where I would change planes to Ireland was canceled. No further information was provided regarding how I was supposed to get to Philadelphia. I had to make numerous phone calls. Eventually, I learned that I was put onto a plane going directly from Boston to Philadelphia, which is great, but why couldn't they tell me that? And why did they use a surly tone when they finally provided me with this information? I was careful to monitor my tone despite my anxiety about missing my flight.

I arrived at Shannon Airport to return home. I couldn't find the check in counter for Boston. I was eventually told to go to the Philadelphia counter. Once there, I learned that even though my ticket said nothing about Philadelphia, I would be changing planes there before returning to Boston. Everyone acted like I was the insane person because I didn't know I had to stop in Philie. I learned that I had no financial recourse, which really irritated me because I spent an extra $150 to fly directly to Boston. I could have taken a different airline for less money and change planes in NY, which would have been a shorter trip than the Philadelphia stop. I know I wasn't the one who had made a mistake when booking because there were other people on the flight who had made the same booking. Some did it online like I had, and others booked through a travel agent. We were all annoyed, but we didn't act negatively to the crew or other passengers, for it wasn't their fault. Still, the food was inedible on both international flights, the video screens were impossible to be viewed from both of my seats over and back, and the flight attendants were rude and surly, just like the counter people. More than a few of us grumbled to one another quietly, 'How long before they go bankrupt?' Oh right, I forgot. All of my flights were late aside from the one that was canceled of course.

Sorry, that's just me rambling. Despite all of the aggravation, I never felt unsafe, and ultimately that is what is important.

The pilot and crew on the flight that went down today did their job effectively, and in doing so, acted heroically. Bless them and all who travel.

You are doing an amazing thing adopting a child. You may have adventures, but you'll travel safely wherever you go. Best wishes.

Kiki said...

Who is that guy in the picture?

Adopting1Soon said...

It's just a stock pic I got off Google images. I was looking for a cartoon face of someone with their jaw hanging down in stupefication. This was the closest I could find. If you can find a better one, email the link to me! I'd rather a cartoon and not some random guy :-)

Calmil2 said...

I swear I could've written that post...I am seriously laughing. The first thing I said to my friend after I read the story was..."Birds? I mean has anyone thought of screens?" I'm sure someone has and I'm sure there is reason they don't have them, but Birds?Really? I am so scared to fly and now I will be staring out the window before take off looking for birds...great! Harmony