Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My vision for this blog

I'm very happy to see some readers from Central Africa, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, the Philippines, India, Israel, Chile, Italy, England, Wales! How exciting! Welcome!

I hope that readers feel free to comment, whether or not they agree with my post. I'd like this blog to be an online version of Thanksgiving with my family. But not as loud. At our family table we usually tend to focus on a central topic or a few issues of debate going on in the world at the time. We hear passionately from all family members, and all sides of an issue.

I'd love to hear all kinds of differing viewpoints in the comments here, and hope that readers feel safe enough to post their honest feelings. I just ask that this is done so respectfully! Wouldn't it be great to have a place to talk about all these parenting and adoption issues? I know the posts I read on other people's blogs where I learn the most, are the posts where the author is being brutally honest about their experience.

PLUS, as of this moment, I'm only a "imaginary" parent. I have NO IDEA what I'll do and what it will be like to parent an actual human child! So those of you in the know, please speak up! Let me know if I'm on the wrong track! Or a different track than you took, or would take.

So, as long as you comment respectfully, and keep your personal information out, I will be posting it. It might take half a day, as I cannot always check for comments immediately, but I'm usually fairly quick.

This could really help keep my mind off the wait, as well ;-)

P.S. This post inspired by my friend Michelle who knows she can comment honestly and still be loved by me ;-)


Michelle J said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post I got a nervous feeling it was my fault. Thanks for loving me even though! :-)

Susy Q said...

Hi again!

Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog- they're great compliments to me. I'm just sorry I don't have more time to keep up with it, but I hope that will change.

And with regard to AHOPE- I'm not sure if I understand more about the world than most adults do, but AHOPE certainly was very eye-opening and motivating to effect change. I would love, love, love to work with and live in Africa someday- after visiting Kenya in 2005 I knew I wanted to do the Peace Corps, but honestly I now think I want to become even more involved in that. I'll get my teaching degree in college first, volunteer (maybe even at AHOPE) and then see what happens!

As far as the donations go, I really appreciate you being willing to take some over for me. I have an address now to which I can send several boxes, but I'm hoping to hold another drive before the end of the year. At that point I probably will need someone to bring over those donations, so yes, if you would not mind sending me your phone number when you're about to travel, that would be realy great!!

Thank you SO MUCH again for your willingness to help! And good luck with the wait- it's hard, but you can't even imagine now how worth it it is. Sasha is living proof of that :)

-Big Sis