Monday, January 5, 2009

My dogs are hands down the BEST DOGS EVER!!!


Last night I asked the girls to sleep in their dog beds, on the floor, as an experiment to see how willing they might be to let me share my bed with a child instead of them.


They passed the test with flying colors!

Beulah was only petulant for about a minute. She set her muzzle on the edge of the bed and looked at me with sad eyes, while making a kind of....incredulous... whine of complete disbelief, and then turned around and snuggled into her bed.

Boo, on the other hand, tried the sneaky approach. She waited until the early dawn hours to try and *lightly* jump up onto the bed. I caught her and made her get off. She didn't try it again until 6 AM. I made her get off again and she stayed off.

Right after breakfast, I happened to pass by my room and there was Beulah, under the covers. But all in all, it was a much easier night than I ever expected. I think with an infant, making strange noises and smells, it will be much more natural for them to stay off the bed. After all, last night they had NO REASON, as far as they were concerned, not to be where they usually are. They took it with the good humour and grace for which they are known.

Disclaimer: Old photo.


Sarah said...

Ha Ha! What a great pack!

Since Yoshi pup has never slept on our bed I'm not too worried about him jumping up there, its the rest of the house he has the run of! I'm with you, hoping he figures out the weird smell is the tiny baby!

Michelle J said...

YAY for super dogs and well, let's give a little credit where its due-- YAY to a great dog mom too! :)

Kiki said...

You should get a doll, maybe one that makes some noise when you press on it or something. Anyway, try putting the doll in bed with you so that they learn that soemone else will be there that they can't jump on. Ooof.

Anonymous said...

Karen said....
Wow, I haven't kept up to date.

As for babies and dogs. I've read some of your blog. Anyways. Ask Cate, LOL. It's fine!

My kids were raised with large dogs sleeping on our bed. The dogs are usually disgusted and jump off, but they all share. The dogs for some reason don't crush the babies. They know.

It'll be ok. Dog hair? I read an article that said if your kids are exposed to dog hair, they will not have allergies.

One time when JT was 3 he was diagnosed as being allergic to cats. What did we do? Nothing. Kept the cats and he kept sniffling. He is fine now. I really think people overreact to this stuff.

Love you! I'm praying for safe travels.