Friday, September 11, 2009

Wow, I got rid of a virus!

Thanks to Cathy and Sarah I was able to figure out how to get rid of the Windows Police Pro malware that was infecting my computer.

There was all kinds of in depth registry stuff to change and I thought for sure I would ruin my computer, but no! I figured it out and things are working well!

In case anyone else has to deal with this, go to and there are step by step, and picture by picture, instructions. It would be hard to screw it up following this. Eventually you have to download MBAM, which is what Cathy tried to send me. I couldn't download it from her email because part of the virus prevents you from downloading anything... so I had to do the step by step.


Thanks ladies!


Sarah said...

Woot woot, glad you were able to cut the ickiness out of your machine. My neighbors got this virus' predecessor last year so I know how obnoxious it is!

Cathy said...

YEAH!!! Glad it all worked out for you :)