Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drama at the US Open!

In case you missed it, Serena temporarily lost her mind last night at the semi-finals against a line judge... The line judge called a foot fault against Serena, and Serena got super angry and allegedly threatened the line judge's life using plenty of four letter words thrown in to make her point.

It was a close match already, Serena was already steaming (she had broken her raquet earlier), Kim Clijsters was winning, and as a result of her outburst, she lost the match as she was fined a point. Unfortunately for her, that point was MATCH POINT.


Here it is :

Ahhh... reminds me of the good old McEnroe days. We haven't seen a temper like his since then.

And here she is, NOT apologizing for it:

I think she should have apologized for what she said, even though this is clearly not a foot fault. Her feet have not advanced on the court past the base line by the time she hits the ball. She hits the ball while in the air, then her feet land. According to the USTA, the service stroke ends when the ball is hit.

What do you think? Exciting stuff or reprehensible behavior?

P.S. I also just realized this is the anniversary of when her sister was shot. Perhaps that had something to do with her short temper.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the Refs are never accountable for their bad calls in any sport especially when it's nearing the finals. More sports need to use replays. It's also unfortunate the Ref lied and said Serena wanted to kill her. That's a strong accusation. Serena should sue her for slander on that one.

Adopting1Soon said...

Hmm... I also just realized this is the anniversary of when her sister was shot Perhaps that had something to do with her short temper.

Anonymous said...

I just heard she was fined as well. For me, if it was the anniversary of her sister's death, some leniency should have been exercised with regard to punishment (maybe no fine).
I'm not saying the behavior was ok, but didn't McEnroe get away with a lot more? One wonders what role gender and race played (just as Bill Maher wondered whether Joe Wilson would have shouted out at a white President's speech, or folks objected to a white president addressing the country's schools.)

Adopting1Soon said...

Yes, McEnroe got away with a LOT more!!!! Although I'm not sure if he ever threatened a tennis official life. Audibly. Under his breath? I'm sure a hundred times or more.

I agree. I wonder what race and gender have to do with it. Or maybe the officials have just decided not to tolerate any misbehavior anymore during the US Open?

In the 1st video I show, you can her Serena saying she wanted to kill her(response to anonymous 2 posts above).

Michelle said...

The foot fault was a bad call, no doubt about it. HOWEVER, Serena's behavior was out of line. Had she not gone back to the line judge a second time, nothing would have happened. But not only did she tell the line judge she would "shove a fu*king ball down her throat" she couldnt' end it there and it went back for more. Yes, she's Serena Williams, but thye rules still apply. This is tennis, not basketball and we expect certain behavior on court. And yes, McEnroe had hissy fits, but I can not recall him threatening anyone. He had bratty tantrums for which he was fined.
One last thing-- if I had Serena stomping up to me, waving her racquet and shouting, I'd be afraid-- particularly after I'd recently seen what she can do to a racquet.
Ok, one more, ha, She was goign to lose anyway. Clijsters had it together mentally, had already won the first set and was holding serve much more easily than Serena.

Anonymous said...

I just think that the mental trauma of losing a sister might have weighed on her, and if so, maybe the outcome should have been different. It's a shame that individual situations can't be taken into account in such instances. Then again, maybe her sister had nothing to do with it. But if she did, I wonder if people--knowing that--would feel differently. McEnroe didn't seem to be acting out on personal trauma. He was just spoiled. danicuz

Michelle said...

Dani, In sports we can't take personal situations into account. We have to maintain the rules and they have to be applied firmly and across the board regardless of situation. Do you recall Pete Sampras falling apart at the Austrailian Open after his coach's 3rd sroke? Sampras cried on court, but being the amazing athlete that he is pulled it together and won the match in 5 sets. Bad calls and personal drama are part of being a professional tennis player. Grace under pressure is required. May not sound fair, but it's applied to all.
And as to Johnny Mac, his outbursts and tantrums were his way of workign himself up. He got mad and used it to motivate himself. He was penalized with points and financially when he crossed a line.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, what you say is all "true." I guess I was just wishing for a world in which our responses to human error and breakdowns in communication could be more nuanced.Your Sampras example is good. Of course that's what a pro should do. I doubt that he was wrestling with the same demons, though, so it's not exactly comparable. But Serena is a public figure who chose her course, so yes, of course, she should try to reach a higher standard of behavior.