Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm starting to get sick of Jon and Kate Plus 8 now.

And it's not because of all the dirty laundry they have been airing all over the media (Team Kate, here by the way!)

It's because I rented Season 1 on Netflix and watched the whole thing, and then started on Season 2 and realized tht Season 2 is when the show starts feeling scripted and "planned."

Every episode has to have "something" they are doing as a family. Season 1 was more about every day, laundry, diapers, cooking, sibling rivalry, managing a household of 8 kids, etc. Season 2 is "Cara's Special Day at the Cow Factory" or "Collin Goes to The Train Museum" or "Maddie Cries Like a Baby Getting Her Ears Pierced". You get the gist.

I liked Season 1 much better, before they decided they needed to come up with "episodes" to keep the viewers entertained.

Then I read they make something like $75,000.00 PER EPISODE!!!!!!!! And now, poor things, they will have to split that amount. Aww....

For awhile it was fun to see if I could catch any clues about the break up (other than Kate bossing Jon around all the time of course) that was coming in the future. But when I found out that the last two seasons they were already in splitsville but didn't tell the viewers so they could keep raking it in.... well, then the "reality' part of "reality show" is completely gone. They might as well be another episode of The Hills.

I felt duped. The show is a complete sham.

I have little to no interest in watching Kate put up tents or ride horses. I think the show is on it's last legs. Jon better start saving some of that money instead of buying his girlfriend diamonds.

So I've stopped watching. Bah.

I have been keeping up with the dirty laundry though. (Disclaimer: I do not get my info from The National Enquirer by the way.) (I get it from Perez Hilton ;-)
If forced to pick sides, I'd have to go with Team Kate. Jon is such a crybaby. And he seems really irresponsible too. I can see why Kate had to keep him on a short leash, if this is how he acts after the leash is cut.

The latest rumor is his new "soul mate" Hailey What's Her Name has kicked him to the curb for being too much of a womanizer. She put up with SOME of that behavior, but when he doesn't even bother to erase women's pictures on his phone and sexy texts, that was the limit for her.

Hmm... Do I need a life?


missy said...

i'm with you. LOVED season 1. definitely team kate. now totally over it. i hadn't heard that they weren't really together for the last two seasons. why do i always feel like reality shows are duping me? maybe b/c they are.

Chrissy said...

I have never watched an episode but I love tv gossip :-) I think they are both disgusting and used each other and their children to "make some money"!! The Soup was making so much fun of both of them the other night! It was classic!!

Kristine said...

I'm so tired of hearing about them too and I;ve never even watched the show!