Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Duggars pregnant with 19th child. WHy is this soooo annoying to me??


I canNOT believe they are preggars again.

On the Today show yesterday, the Duggars announced they are pregnant with their 19th child. Michelle Duggar is 42 years old. They are expecting their first grandchild this fall. Their grandchild will be older than their 19th child.

One thing that I find really annoying is that they use their religion as an excuse for what they are doing... As if they are raising a Christian Child Army!!!

Poor earth. I really think this is totally irresponsible environmentally.

It's also irreponsible parentally: the older kids raise the younger ones as mom tends to the newborns.

Some frightening stats from the Huffington Post:

After the next generation of Duggars breeds at this rate, there will be 400 members of the clan (not counting the husbands and wives that married in). The third generation will have 8,000 members, the fourth will have 160,000, and the fifth will have 3.2 million...more than five times the population of Vermont. This would mean...

* One in ever hundred people in America would be a Duggar

* There would almost be enough Duggars to have one in every square mile of America.

* If all the Duggars earned $30,000 annually, they would collect $96 billion a year before taxes, enough to bailout AIG and have enough left to buy Marvel Comics three times over.

* There would be more Duggars than Muslims in America.

* There would be more Duggars than residents of America's 21 least populous states.


Here is a lost of their kids:
Joshua James, 21
Jane Marie, 19
John-David, 19
Jill Michelle, 18
Jessa Lauren, 16
Jinger Nicole, 15
Joseph Garrett, 14
Josiah Matthew, 13
Joy-Anna, 11
Jedidiah Robert, 10
Jeremiah Robert, 10
Jason Michael, 9
James Andrew, 8
Justin Samuel, 6
Jackson Levi, 5
Johanna Faith, 3
Jennifer Danielle, 2
Jordyn-Grace, 8 months

Is it just me, or does having 19 "J" names just make everything way more confusing?

I'm confused as to why I dislike this family so much, yet enjoy Jon and Kate's show tremendously. Hmm.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the Duggar family?


missy said...

i've heard about their show, but not watched it. the thought of 19 kids under one roof doesn't sound like relaxing entertainment to me. i do love jon and kate's least i did until it started to depress me. good thing they picked "j" for their names since there are an abundance of j names. maybe if their first child was zach, they'd only have had 3 kids. :)

Michelle said...

I had a conversation about this on my Facebook yesterday. I feel the same way about them as you. They are insane and while others may disagree, I find them selfish beyond words. They do not think outside of their very small box, but mindlessly breed without regard to consequences..trying to fulfill some unmet need or religious goal.

Cathy said...

WOW! I hadn't heard that they were expecting AGAIN. I have watched a few episodes and they aren't terrible. Kind of annoying at times and a little over the top with the religion. I LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8 too. I saw a preview for the Duggar show for this week and they go out for Ethiopian food and make faces and say it is disgusting so I wasn't thrilled to see that either. I think they are being really irresponsible. Who is paying for all of these kids?

Amanda Cox said...

It's funny to me that I follow your blog but didn't find it essential to comment until

I really like the Dugger show. It's cute and cheerful.

But I said to myself a while back that if that mother got pregnant again, at age 42, I was just going to freak out. And here I am, finding the news on your blog and freaking out!
WHY is it that some of us cannot get pregnant despite being healthy and under 35 and DESPERATELY wanting just ONE child and then She - at 42, with higher risk of complications and birth defects AND with 18 children and a grandchild to enjoy and nurture - is granted with ANOTHER one??
I don't get it. The world is so unfair. And I really think they are being extremely irresponsible as complications are so much more likely at her age. She has kids at home to think of. What if something happened to her in labor??
Ok, enough for now.
Bitterly ~ Amanda

Calmil2 said...

Creepy...that's all I can say...if I say more it could get ugly...

J-momma said...

lol! so funny! i am annoyed by this too. and your stats make it even worse. everytime i hear them say "children are a gift from god" it makes me sick. if they wanted that many kids, maybe they should have adopted some. then they'd at least be helping the world instead of just adding to the already overpopulated planet. but there are some parts of their show i like. they do seem to be a very nice family.

LegalMist said...

Jinger? Jedidiah? Oh, my.... The "J name" fascination clearly goes too far.

For the good of the planet, we have to hope that most of the kids think it was awful being raised in such a huge family, and thus limit themselves to one or two kids. Or none. Ay yi yi.

Leesavee said...

I'm with you on this. I know that I'm biased because I'm adopting, but I don't understand why anyone who wants to have so many kids doesn't adopt!

And how can anyone not enjoy Ethiopian food? The NERVE! ;-)

Val said...

Apparently they need a new hobby!

Elle said...

great blog..I completely agree. There are wayyy too many children out there who need homes for people to be mass breeding

Rachel said...

Ick. They honestly make my skin crawl. Not sure what it is, but yeah...not exactly their biggest fan.

Single PAP said...

ugh. reading that makes me so sick. and so frustrated. like calmil2, i can't post more or it will be rude and inappropriate. :)