Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Little Girl Is Growing Up!

Today I left Charlie in the care of virtual STRANGERS at her daycare for the first time. Here we are at the front of the daycare, check in hand, ribbons in hair. All three of us accompanied her to the day care, Opa and Babcia waking up WAY earlier than usual, to spend a little time with her at the place before leaving her. She is very loved, this little one, to have a trio of accompaniment for her first day at school.

She had met her teacher the other day, and several of the kids, although I don't think she remembered any of them. The teacher made her a spot for brekkie and (amazingly) Charlie left her bib on and sat still, as did all the other children. I was most impressed. She is a total wiggle worm at home, and rips her bib off WITHOUT FAIL.

She did great! Here she is with her teacher, eating brekkie.

I LOVE that her class is so diverse. It's like the K-UN (Kindergarten United Nations) in there!

There was one funny moment when Charlie attempted to make a trade of a dusty toy she found on the floor for another kid's bagel. Well, she didn't really ask to make a trade, she just gave him the toy and took his bagel ;-) Nice deal, girlfriend! That's the way to do it!
(Just kidding, I made her give it back).

No tears, no problems with me or her grandparents leaving.
I, on the other hand, had some serious pangs.

Anyway, the reports were that she was friendly and playful and took a long nap on her cot without a BABA (another amazing thing since she refuses to sleep at home without one).

I think this day care situation will be a great thing for Charlie. She will get to play all day long, with other kids (something as an only child she can't do at home), and come home nice and tired out for cuddling and dinner and nighttime rituals. Then on the weekends we can do fun activities. On the few holidays I get when the daycare is still open I can drop her off and do all the oil change/doctor appointment/gardening chores I can't do normally.

I think she had a great day, it couldn't have been better. No tears, she had fun, it was wonderful. Yay Charlie!

She amazes me in many ways but for certain one way is her adaptability. I'm not sure if that is a remnant from the "orphanage days" or just her personality (for sure I met some of her care center buddies who were no where NEAR as flexible and accepting as she is), but whichever it is, I'm so grateful she seems to let each new (and potentially scary) situation roll off her back like no big deal. It makes my job MUCH easier as a single mom. Thanks, Charlie ;-)


Sarah said...

I know how hard this must have been, I'm so glad she took to it easily. Then end of your work day will never be as welcomed as it will be now.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and Charlie! She is sooo cute! Glad it all went smooth especially for YOU!!

Michelle said...

*whew!* I was worried it would be rocky. So glad she rolled with it and had a great time!
3 Cheers for Charlie!

Single PAP said...

I love her little daycare set up. So diverse! How lucky. Glad things went smoothly. :)

Kiki said...

She looks so cute on her little cot! Awww! Glad it went well. You look fantastic by the way! Sending you some CDs and DVDs, some with cool songs since you mentioned that in an earlier post and I heard in person your versions of nursery rhymes. ahem. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Charlie! I think you're right that the socialization will be good for her. Also, as you've already noticed, there are some things she'll do differently at school (not need same routine as home) that will ultimately translate to an easier time for you. For us, that was Potty Training! The peer pressure of school did what we could not. Yay daycare! Yay Charlie for the smooth transition. Danicuz

Adopting1Soon said...

Thanks for the CDs, Kik.

BTW, what's wrong with my singing....


Angela said...

WOW..I'm sure that was a great relief for you. What an awesome child. I feel better about the preschool thing by just reading your post.

She really looks like a big girl in her little preschool classroom. What a great baby.

Rachel said...

It must have been so tough to drop her off for her first day, but it definitely sounds like she did great and that it will be a wonderful place for her to learn and socialize.