Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raised by a pack of wolves?

These pictures speak for themselves... Please don't call social services on me!

"Ok, everybody LIE DOWN!"

"And this is your SISTER, Hannah..."

I know what you're thinking... and no, I've never shut the gate on her!

Disclaimer: The bowl had JUST been filled with fresh, clean water! No dogs had drank from it yet! I PROMISE!

This is proof positive she thinks she's a dog...

There's nothing more delicious than dog kisses... except maybe baby kisses!

(Please ignore the baby talk -ugh I can't believe I do that so much!)

It's not easy co-habitating with a pack of dogs, but sometimes it's really cute :-)

What do you guys think?


Calmil2 said...

Okay, this post is hilarious!!!! And she is still so adorable.

Single PAP said...

i love dog kisses on my cheeks but in my mouth??? ew. not so much.

she is cute, though!

Rachel said...

So funny! I have a feeling we'll have a lot of similar pictures when we get our little one!

Charmaine said...

My son has done the same thing! I think any kid growing up with dogs is going to imitate them at some point, and that's not only funny, but normal. My son would line up with all the dogs when I was giving them treats and I would give him a real cookie instead of a dog biscit. Although he probably would have eaten (and enjoyed) the dog biscit if I gave it to him! LOL!

Kristine said...

So cute! Our Selah is just now starting to reach out for the dogs. I know she will be all over them soon!