Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charlie's HAIR

Look what I did!

Ok, what is this called? Finger twists, I think. Or maybe pencil twists?

Anyway, I saw this technique on a blog (Cathy's I believe) and tried it on Charlie. It turned out looking pretty cute and since there was a minimum of pulling, she didn't cry much. There are many, many super cute little ringlets. The pictures don't do it justice because the flash captures her scalp more than it shows off her curls. But anyway. I'm proud. I like how it turned out.

Now, on to BRAIDS.

Ok, parents, how on earth do you get the kids to sit still long enough to make even one braid?? Do you do each braid in installments?


Leesavee said...

She is SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! How can you do anything other than just look at her and snuggle her and kiss her?

Oh, I have a cool IAG story I just posted...thank you for introducing me to the agency! www.greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com.

I love ALL those kids. Every single one.

Leesavee said...

Yes...Justine is home with Meron. Met them for coffee 2 weeks ago (well, Meron didn't have coffee). She is SO PRECIOUS!!!!! Justine has a blog with pics -- you have to request to be allowed to see it. The site is http://fromaidantozadie.blogspot.com

Courts are reopening on the 12th instead of the 1st...and I just want to bring my kiddos home!

Michelle said...

Kudos to you and good luck with braids. I could never even braid my own hair. Although my mom is SUPER at braids. When I was about 10 she did my hair in the Bo Derek Do..beads and all. I was the only white girl in the whole school with braids. Apparently I was the only one with any style. :-)

Single PAP said...

cute! good for you!

Rachel said...

So cute!