Friday, September 4, 2009

Splish Splash

Charlie loved the kiddie pool while we were on vaction, so upon returning home I bought her one. Her Opa had suggested getting her a kiddie pool at the beginning of the summer, but I hesitated due to wasting large amounts of water and cleaning the thing (it gets very heavy with all the water in it), etc. I had already bought a kiddie pool for the dogs one year, and they didn't use it at all and I ended up giving it away. I didn't want to buy something that Charlie might not use and then have to give it away. But since it was proven that Charlie really loves the pool, I got her the Zebra Pool.

I tried blowing it up on mere lung power and soon realized that would never work and borrowed the neighbor's pump. I didn't set up the slide part because Charlie's still too young for that. Maybe next summer.

Here are some pictures of her having fun in the pool, and Hannah deciding it was a good day to go swimming as well. I learned back in film school that trying to shoot babies or animals is the hardest type of filming one can attempt. These pictures prove that. Although they were super cute in the pool together, I was not able to catch the cuteness.

Do your kids like the water?

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Michelle said...

I know what you mean. Both my dogs love their pool and always look crazy funny/cute when playing in it, but I have yet to capture the fun in photos. It's impossible.
Glad you decided to get her a pool. Any activity that burns energy is a good thing! :)