Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Charlie is ONE today. September 1st, 2008 is her birthdate. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!!!!

We are thinking about Charlie's birthmom and wondering if she is thinking about Charlie. My guess is "YES, she is". I wonder if today is a difficult day for her...

Today is "Charlie's day". I'm going to let her direct whatever we do. If she wants to go out, we'll go out. If she wants to open the door 50 times, that's what we'll do. If she wants to go swimming, etc. I'm also going to let her have some sugar today, to celebrate. Maybe some cookies or a cupcake. We are not having a party, because we had one while on vacation so she could celebrate with the whole family.

She celebrated her 1st with her cousin Anders, who was also turning one. She got naked and I put a plate of cake in front of her and let her go to town. She started with real gusto, but soon petered out. I guess she didn't like it that much. Anders had naked cake too. They both got lots of presents. I'm going to keep most of Charlie's presents and give them out throughout the year. I don't want her to get spoiled with gifts, and I think handing them out one by one she will be able to appreciate each one more than if she got them all in a big pile. Of course, I could be wrong about that... Everyone was so generous and she will have plenty to keep her busy all year long! Charlie, I hope your second year on earth is filled with love and good health and lots of learning and fun times! MWUAH, Mama

What do you do with your child's gifts throughout the year? Is Christmas different than their birthdays?


missy said...

happy birthday charlie! what fun for you both. about presents...they are my love language, so i like to celebrate them in that way. but i try to be careful b/c i don't want them to be ungrateful. they get 3-4 gifts from us (including siblings) for birthdays. christmas is a bigger production b/c we also do stockings and have a lot of extended family. we are trying to tone that down b/c it is gift overload. btw, my favorite gift for a 1 year old is this... http://www.tomy-usa.com/products.php?c=7&p=17
great fun!

Michelle said...

YAY!!!!!! Happy 1 year Charlie!!!
I like what you're doing handing the prezzies out one at a time. It's kind of like extending the birthday all year long, which I think is awesome.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!