Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Secret to No Longer Having to Sweep Your House!

Today I did what I should have done back in April: I shaved all three dogs! (Actually, I should have done this 7 years ago...) I bought a clipper on EBay (they are expensive!) and went to work. The girls look a bit strange, but who cares? As long as I don't have to sweep the entire house every day, I'm happy.

I took each dog, one at a time, out onto the deck. Charlie came too, of course, so I could keep an eye on her. She helped by "pruning" the plants while I shaved the dogs. Lethally pruning. I let her because I figured pulling leaves off house plants was better than her helping me "prune" the dogs. She also took this opportunity to lift my shirt, study my back, practice her octaves ("Wa-WAH-WAHHHHH, Daa-DAH-DAHHHH, Ma-MAH-MAHHHHHHHH!!!!!) and sample a tuft of dog hair off the floor.

Each dog was faster than the one before it, as I got better at understanding their fur direction (it goes back, forth, and twirls around... it's complicated!) They are all so soft now! They feel like velour cue balls. Not that I know what velour cue balls feel like...

Then later in the day, while Charlie and I were hanging in the kiddie pool, I took the opportunity to wash the three dogs (poor things, it was a really awful day for them!) So now I have a clean pack, virtually hairless, and smelling like Garnier Fructis (I couldn't leave Charlie to go downstairs and get the dog shampoo so I used my own).

Yay! No more sweeping!

Charlie lying down with the girls since I commanded them all to "lie down".

Boo (not much difference, she had short hair to begin with.)

Beulah (looks lighter in color, but also had short hair to begin with.)

Hannah, the most uneven job since her hair has a thick undercoat. Click on pics for more detail.

So, what do you think? How do they look?

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Michelle said...

I've often thought of doing that to Uther. He *is* the German Shedder, ha. No idea if it's true, but I've heard that shaving certain dogs is a bad idea. Something about the hair insulating and helping with both cold and heat? I wouldn't think it would be an issue with your since they all have pretty short hair. They all look shiny and snuggly :)