Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kilts: Hot, or NOT?

Just a fun post due to lack of adoption news...

During the whole "boys names for girls"debate, a poster mentioned that not only does she like boys names for girls, but she also likes when men wear skirts (I'm not TOTALLY sure I see the connection, but whatever.)

It seems kind of rock n' roll in some instances....

And then in others.... not so much!

What do you think?

Kilts, yea or nay?

ALSO; a whopping 25 points for whoever can correctly predict who's going home on American Idol tomorrow, after watching the show tonight. Tonight's mentor is Quentin Tarantino. How... interesting. Yay!


Calmil2 said...

Oh, I love Quentin, hey, he would look pretty cool in a kilt. So when my husband met his best friend in college, Ryan was wearing a kilt and he's one of the coolest guys I know. So I'm saying some guys can rock the kilt!!! I'm going to guess that Snoop Anoop dog is going home. Harmony

Tami said...

Kilts----- nooooo. I'm going to guess Anoop also.

Kiki said...

These are dust particles floating in the air in front of the lens. The flash illuminates them, and they show up as white spots because they are out of focus. If you use the repeat mode on your camera, you'll see them in
different places each time--or you may get lucky and get a shot without them. The reason you don't get them outside is because you aren't using a flash.

My vote for American Idol going home tonight is Lil Rounds (or whatever her name is). She just doesn't chose songs that profile her voice.

Queen Diva said...

I'm NOT digging those kilts at all.

I say NAY for the kilts.


Adopting1Soon said...

I like how sure and emphatic you are! However, perhpas you might change your mind?

Let me know..... ;-)

Queen Diva said...


I looked at the link that you sent. Homeboy has a "fierce" body but I still say NAY to kilk...LOL!