Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Had a bad day"

(Disclaimer: Many of you who don't know me in real life couldn't possibly know this about me so I will explain lest you think I'm coockoo... Any type of animal suffering affects me like an arrow to the eyeball. I stop breathing for a second. I see red. I rage. Then I cry. I get depressed. It's weird... I don't know why this happens, but it's intense and I've been called "too sensitive" because of it. It's one reason I got out of animal rescue, I couldn't take witnessing all the suffering on a daily basis. On the other hand, I can handle any type of human suffering no problem. Wars, genocide, even child abuse... it's all awful stuff, but I can handle hearing about it without having an spastic fit. That's probably why I'm a great social worker. Animal stuff though.... game's over. So without further ado:)

Ok, I had SUCH a bad day I cannot even begin to tell you about it. Well, I guess I can begin, because that's what I appear to be doing right now. Maybe it's so bad I can't finish. We'll see.

Oh screw it. I'm not going to go through each ridiculously horrible moment of this ridiculously horrible day.

Suffice it to say that in between several long trips in massive rain to pick up Wookie (the stray) and bring him to Elizabeth's house I saw another stray on the side of the road that I couldn't stop and pick up for many reasons (no actually, I don't work for Animal Control, although I'm beginning to wonder if I should apply). Then a few miles down the road, as though God were punishing me for neglecting to do my dog catcher's job I saw THE MOST AWFUL scene of carnage INVOLVING A DOG. This was worse than "a dog hit by a car on the side of the road" (which is already bad enough to ruin my whole day). Way worse. I won't describe the details so as not to vicariously traumatize my dear readers. That image will forever be burned into The Vault (that place in my brain that keeps the multitude of horrendous, dark thoughts I've been collecting since childhood), and will be free to pop up and torture me whenever I am in the middle of some lovely, joyful thoughts.

All of these roadside delights were seen through a rainsplattered windshield due to some of the worst weather we've seen in years, compounded by a couple of hours of traffic jam, and finally topped off like a cherry on an ice crem float by slamming my thumb in the car door.

Oh, I almost forgot the two women in the elevator...

Me: (getting into elevator innocently on 4th floor going down at end of bad day at work)
Blond Airhead #1: So then he HANGS THE CAT and-
Me: (sticking fingers into ears and starting to hum "la-la-la" loudly)
Blond Airhead #2: Well how did he do that?
Blond Airhead #1: See, this cat was really loving, and Bob really loves animals, he really does, but this time I guess he was in a bad mood and the cat was rubbing up on him and-

Elevator FINALLY get to the 1st floor. I get off and (genius that I am) decide I'll take the long way and shake off these friends-and-lovers-of-animal-murderers, but Noooooo... they follow me the long way out, all the while talking about this poor cat and never once noticing that I am RUNNING with my ears plugged yelling LALALALALALALALA all the way down the hall. At one point I yell "SHUT.UP." and they don't even notice.

So that's how my day's been. I left out quite a bit, like missing the Fed Ex guy by a minute (I saw him drive down my street). I also left out how I found out some really bad news about a program I work with... job stress. More of. Yea, I'll just leave all those other minuscule details out. Nobody wants to hear that.

And to end on an up note, because it's always good to leave your readers in a state of happy-happy-joy-joy (5 points for that reference) and because I always try to balance out complaints with gratitude:

I didn't die today!

I didn't get a terminal disease diagnosis!

I didn't get in an accident even though I hydro-planed throughout the evening!


Wookie is at Elizabeth's house instead of in the landfill! Yay!

So, while I spend the evening wondering how the dog I didn't pick up is faring in this downpour tonight, here is a picture to uplift your mood after this posting.

(10 points to whoever can name the band who sings the title song) (Btw, FYI, these points offerings may add up to something one day. I'm just sayin'. I had no takers on the last offer, zippo, so I thought I better mention it.)


Queen Diva said...


Sorry to hear about your bad day.

But you sure know how to make humor out of it. I enjoyed reading the story and I'm still laughing, especially the picture at the end of the post.


missy said...

daniel powter, isn't it? what will 10 points get me. :)

Single PAP said...

that song was the old idol song, but i don't know the artist.

Michelle J said...


And there I was having a good day. We must have traded. Today will be good (at least better) for both us. I COMMAND it.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible day. As terrible as the highway scene must have been, I'm almost more disturbed by the cat story. I heard an interesting study the other day about the relationship between abused animals and their owners. Basically, vets have been alerting people authorities when animals turn up abused or dead, because often the abuser's spouse or partner is next in line. I wonder if bubble head knows she might be in real danger!--Danicuz

Adopting1Soon said...

That's true Dani about the partner also being abused. They always go after the vulnerable because they are insecure nitwits.

Unfortunately, the dog on the side of the road looked like an abuse case too... and I'll stop there.

Josh said...

hi i dont know you but i came across your blog. i really hope it all goes well for you and works out for you. i hope to adopt from abroad one day but i live in the uk and it's much more frowned upon here and harder to do. but you seem really sweet and kind and i wish you the best of luck in the future with your daughter

Kristine said...

I am so sorry you had a bad day! Hope you are feeling better.

Samir said...

Many wishes for better days for you, M!

Thanks for leaving us on a "happy-happy,joy-joy" note. Ren and Stimpy bring joy to all!


shauna said...

Sorry about the day... but I love the photo you posted! Awesome. And yes... the magic eraser does all. Nice to "meet" you.

dani chrisco said...

oh my gosh I am in tears thinking of those poor dogs!!! I do not get it! Poor baby--is it possible to help the dog? Please e-mail me in private (I am pretty sure you have it if not reply to this post)--I am a HUGE animal lover and will do anything to help!!!!

Malia'sMama said...

I am soooo like that about animals, too. You wouldn't believe the stories I have of rescues and wanting to punch out stupid people.