Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boring Idol except for....

Adam Lambert.

He was really the only performer that held my attention last night. The rest of them seemed flat and boring. Phft! I can't even predict who's going home tonight, that's how boring they all seemed. I don't really care who goes home, but perhaps it's Anoop-dawg's time?

In contrast, Adam consistently brings new and exciting arrangements week after week. In the past on Idol, there have been a couple of performers who dare to do their own thing... but usually it's not every week. Like David Cook did a few original performances (which turned out to be "borrowing" another artist's version of a song and not crediting him, but that's another story) but Cook only stepped out on a limb two or three times the whole season. Adam Lambert is doing it every single week. I admire his ability to keep things unique and entertaining every week.

Here are some links to previous week's performances:
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