Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idol Recap

Kara DioGuardi gives on point constructive criticism usually (although her lock jaw syndrome drives me right up a wall). Tonight in reaction to Adam Lambert? "You're surprising, shocking, sleazy, superb and I like it!" Or something like that. She looks flabbergasted after his performance. Funny.
From Perez Hilton:
A glitch on iTunes might have revealed who's winning the American Idol race - at least in terms of popularity!
After each episode of AI, the contestants' songs are placed for sale on iTunes, but the sales figures for each finalist is never revealed. Idol execs don't want people knowing ahead of the finale who's got the popular vote.
And, for weeks people have been thinking the final two might come down to Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey. But, if iTunes is any indicator of the popular vote, looks like contestant Kris Allen might make it to the final two instead next month.
glitch last week in Apple's software allowed users to see which contestants were selling the most downloads of their "live" performances each week.
And it's no surprise, the leader - by far - was Lambert who holds 6 of the top 10 chart spots this season. And his cover of Mad World has become the No. 1 selling song this year!
Instead of Gokey coming in second, Kris Allen is actually in the second spot with three performances on the top 10. As for Gokey, he's got just 1 on the chart.
Is it safe to call it now? Adam Lambert seems to have the first place spot on American Idol in his pocket!

And as usual, 5 points to every person who correctly calls this week's elimination!


Cathy said...

I am going to go with Matt officially as my guess but won't be shocked if it is Allison.

Calmil2 said...

My favorite reaction was when Jamie Fox (love him) said, "WHAT?" after he heard Adam....I said the same thing when Adam finished...it was perfect. I'm going to say that Matt is leaving.
p.s. I have 3 pairs of kids shoes to send you to take. Are croc-like shoes good too?

Chrissy said...

Hey!! Nice to meet you via blogspots :) where do you live? That is great that you are farther along so I will ba able to see what all happens a few months before it actually does :)

ON the AI Front :) I think the girl is going this week! I like her and think she is AWESOME for her age ...however, I think Simon was correct when he said her personality wasn't showing that much..i agree with that! :)