Monday, April 13, 2009

Ahhh! New floors!

This post needs no words..... except thanks to my parents who stayed home to supervise all day in the mayhem, so I could save my leave for the maternity type and not the floor installation type!

Ok, what is with the orbs in all my pictures? Ghosts? Notice they are never in the same spots (no pun intended!)

If you recall, this is what the nursery used to look like! So there is a major improvement!

and the corner area:

And I also got my room done too, because what the hey! It's not like I haven't spent my life savings on this adoption... or my surgery... so why not drop some more bills?

Oh and just a gratuitous pic... this is how tired everyone feels!

Beulah's exhausted from barking at the workmen ALL. DAY. LONG. And Mom is tired from cleaning up behind the workmen.

And here are some tulips, just because it's spring and they are out!

Ok, 10 points for whoever can tell me what the orbs are, why they are never in the same spot (if it was dust they would be in the same spot on the frame) and why they only show up inside the house and not on outdoor shots.)


Calmil2 said...

Gorgeous!!! I love wood floors and hope to have them someday too :) I think the orbs are ghosts, good ghosts, angels maybe?? Or maybe you need to clean your lense?
Also, after seeing ADORABLE pictures of your little girl, I have to say that I saw "Charlie" in her eyes. I know your mom doesn't want to hear that and because she is so sweet laying there on your couch after helping all day, I think her opinion is more important than mine, but I do have to admit that she could totally be a "Charlie". I also have to tell everyone that she is the cutest baby girl I have ever seen and I can only say that because right now I have 2 boys. Once I see my baby girl's face I will have to take that back :) harmony

Robbin said...

Those floors are beautiful!!! I say the orbs are spirits moving in your space...

Michelle J said...

Floors-- AWESOME!
Orbs-- Just lighting.

Michelle J said...

Here you go!
But as he says, it's just an opinion..a logical one, I think, but still an opinion. :-)

Adopting1Soon said...

Interesting article, Michelle, and you win the 10 points as the guy makes a lot of sense. Although I kind of which they WERE ghosts, or angels, as Camil says.

Carole Turner said...

Love the floors!! Also, my daughter's name is Evangeline, we always intended on calling her Evan but when she was born we looked at her and just knew she was an "Evangeline" not and Evan. BUT I still love the name Evan for a girl..and now actually most people call her just "E" anyways :-)

Tami said...

Love the floors. I'm going with angels or ghosts.

Michelle J said...

Hey, I belive in angels, but I don't believe they show up as blobs in photos. I think they are more profound than that. I mean, if you're an angel, why show up only in a photo and then as a blob? I want my celestial beings to be capable of a bit more artistic expression! :-)

Carole I like what you said about seeing your daughter and knowing she was Evangeline. One look and you just KNOW.

Queen Diva said...

Great looking floors Michelle!


Single PAP said...

wow- great floors!!! my blog is fine, BTW. i don't know what the issue was when you were looking at it.. you sure scared me!!