Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I saw this video on another blog and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Of course I'm glad the children are not being killed anymore. But something about the presentation.... again we have the Western world (or let me just say it, the "white man") swooping in to "rescue" people from their own culture. We find this aspect of their culture untenable, so we change it.

I don't know.... It kind of bothers me.

To exemplify the narcissism of this point of view: what if another culture came along and called Christians "a suspicious people" and decided praying to a cross was "backwards" and razed all the churches.... hmm? Basically, it's a similar situation. We are coming in uninvited because we don't respect this tribe's "beliefs" or their way of life.

Is it better to allow a child to die, or to come in and change the way a culture has been living for centuries?

But I'm glad the children are being cared for.

What do you all think?

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J-momma said...

yeah. definitely white people rescuing theme. i have mixed feelings too. should we be swooping in to save people who don't ask to be saved? or "help" people who don't want help? it seems like we're interfering where we shouldn't be. how is it our business what this tribe does with their children? we have laws to protect the children in our country, but we have no jurisdiction over other countries and cultures. what gives us the right?

also, in a way, we're telling that culture and people that they are wrong (one could have a moral debate about if they are truly wrong or not and the implications of it but i won't get into it). and that they aren't as good as the rest of us. that we are better, we know better, our ways are better than theirs.

here come the americans to dictate what is right and wrong, what should be and what shouldn't, you must do it our way cause it's the only right way, we don't care if you want help or need help, you're gonna get it because somehow we think people care about what we think. and they don't. it just feeds our own narcissism and theory that the world revolves around us.

Dani said...

I too struggled with this but then I went back to this...if things were never changed for us lets say in America-we would never have the chance to adopt an African child you know? So in that aspect yes things are trying to be changed for that tribe but I think in the end those children will be able to live full, healthy, happy lives you know? One like our kids that are from Africa will be able to lead because someone before us laid that path you know? Just my opinion :) Many hugs!

ShannonC said...

Good Point. PLease continue to research the group. There is an easy start is their blog. You'll see that they are working with the elders to come to a resolution from time to time. It's interesting non the less and important info for all of us to know.