Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Astrology!

In college there was a book called "Love Signs" by Linda Goodman that my roommate and I would consult whenever a new potential boyfriend came into the picture. Would our "signs" make for a good pairing? Would we argue a lot? Would our relationship be filled with passion or cold as ice? I can't remember how accurate the book was, but it was fun to crack it open and read to each other!

The book was about romantic relationships, but we also use it to look up family and friendship relationships as well.

Today I had the idea to look up Baby Girl's astrological sign, and research what the astrologists have to say about our relationship. Born on September 1st, she is a Virgo (August 24th to Sept. 23rd). I've actually NEVER been in a relationship of any kind with a Virgo. It's a blank slate.

Here's what I found out from the Family Astrology website (you can click here and put in your own family's signs to research if you like). My thoughts in italics:

This child is very orderly a place for everything and everything in it's place! (thank goodness, that is great news!) While this makes the parents happy at an early age, (getting him/her to pick up and put away toys is not a chore with this little one), as she advances in age the critical eye of Virgo will be turned on any untidiness discovered in the parents. (Rot-roh....) This child seems to have been born with common sense and financial ability but not a very good sense of how to enjoy life and should be shown by the parents how to be more affectionate and to enjoy the simpler things of life. (Ok, that I can do...)

The Virgo child is highly inventive and can usually come up with sound, workable ideas at an early age. This is also the type of child that is just as content to play quietly alone (well I can relate to that being an only child); she is frequently in a creative mood, sitting for hours getting something as perfect as possible. For this cause, her peers will see very little of her if the parents do not intervene to be sure she has a well rounded childhood.

When a Virgo child is born to an Aries parent, they may think they have nothing in common and not much to learn from each other. (Yikes!) This is a relationship that takes time and patience to develop. Each family member must learn to understand where the other is coming from and to respect their different world views. Each must learn to give the other a bit of latitude in order for this family to remain close and supportive. In many ways, the Aries parent and the Virgo offspring are opposites: Aries can be brash, dominant, and aggressive. Usually quite impatient, they're always jumping into new things. In contrast, Virgo is detail-oriented, quiet, and even shy at times. Aries may seem hotheaded, and Virgo may seem fussy. Aries teaches Virgo about fun and excitement, about the spontaneity that is often missing in Virgo's life.

Because of their many differences, the Aries and Virgo family can learn a great deal from each other once they look beyond their surface inconsistencies. The best aspect of the Aries-Virgo family relationship is their great effectiveness as a team.(Finally some good news!) When it comes to taking care of family issues or planning holiday events, they work well together. Aries is always full of good ideas, and Virgo is happy to see them through. Their personalities, opposite in so many ways, ensure that there is never a dull moment.

It sounds like they have my personality down pretty well... And if they really have hers down too, I might have to be careful I don't steal all the attention and limelight from her! Hopefully, I will be selfless enough to let her shine in her own "quiet" and "shy" way. Or maybe they are 100% wrong and she will be an outgoing, loud and attention grabbing child. Either way is fine with me. I can't wait t find out though! We are at 30 days until court.

Do you guys put any stock in astrology?

(20 whopping points if you can tell me who said: "Sagittarius is the most philosophical of all signs." Clue since this is a difficult one: singer from the 60's.)


Cathy said...

Pretty neat stuff. And I think the answer is Jim Morrison.

Cathy said...

Not sure what happened. Tried to post but it said it failed :( Sorry if you get something twice. This is pretty neat. I think the answer to your question is Jim Morrison.

Michelle J said...

I'm guessing, but Jim was my guess too. And while I do believe certain traits do manifest in people of particular signs, I don't follow astrology or pattern my life after what it has to say.

Adopting1Soon said...

Wow Cathy! You got that in 5 minutes! How on earth did you get that??? You can't even google that! Mchelle probably knew becasue she knows me... but he said this on an obscure live album that I thought NOBODY had heard but me, 20 years ago.

Michelle, you missed it by a few hours. Cathy was just too quick.

Michelle J said...

I knew that one not because I know you, but because for years now I've had a major fascination with all things Jim.

Adopting1Soon said...

You and me both, Michelle! WE had and still have) lots in common, eh?

Cathy said...

My husband is a huge Doors fan so he was there when I was reading your blog and said I bet it is Jim Morrison. Lucky guess :)

Michelle J said...

Well and how can one NOT have a wee bit of a fascination with the Lizard King? :-)