Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol recap and Wookie update

Ok, quick Idol recap before it's too late and the results show comes on!

Adam: "Sang"(if you can call it that) "Born To BE Wild". Cleared out my sinuses! Seriously, he kept my attention, but there were moments when he sounded like a Screeching Owl's screeching mouse dinner.

Lil Rounds: UGH. I think she's choking. Each week she gets worse. The judges tell her the opposite thing each week and it's screwing with her confidence. She used to be so good! Lil! Pull it together, girl! And straighten that wig!

Allison aka Ms. Manic Panic: Sounded stuffed up, but did a decent job of singing a corny song ("I Don't Want to Miss A Thing"). Of all the movie songs in the world... she had to pick this song??

Danny: He's reminding me too much of what's-his-name (with the Soul Patrol fans). See? I can't even remember his name. I feel bad Danny's wife died, and I liked him at first because of the sympathy thing. But does he really have staying power? Or will they be giving away tickets to his concerts in a year from now like they did for Soul Patrol guy?
Everyone else: zzzzzzzzzzzz......

Going home? Hmm.. could be Lil, but I think the judges would keep her around even though Simon is mad at her lately. Probably Anoop because there's no way his frat boy butt is the next American Idol. He's got a bad case of the snoozies.... puts me to sleep every time. He's got to go some time, it might as well be tonight.


I picked Wookie up from boarding where he has been the past week (it didn't work out with Elizabeth, long story, but she did sponsor a week's boarding so my parents could visit in peace and my floors could be done, so thank you , Elizabeth, for that).

Wookie is doing really well (knock on wood) so far. He is getting along with the girls just fine, sniffing them and allowing them to sniff back. He's tolerating Beulah's incessant barking begging him to play. He's following me around, which is pretty cute, like an imprinted duckling. Still a bit insecure, but it's only been a couple of hours. I have him wearing a belly band since he's a leg lifter and not house broken. He's allowing me to put it on no problem. Basically, a week at doggie day care did wonders for him. He's no longer skittish, he's loving towards me, likes to be cuddled and pet, and gets along with the girls. So if he can just get house broken and leash trained, we have a great candidate for adoption.
Right now he is asleep by my heels. There really is a difference in attitude with rescued dogs, I think. Such fierce loyalty and gratitude. They know.
Pictures of Wookie coming soon, stay tuned.
5 points for everyone who has rescued an animal and posts his/her name!


missy said...

i am with you on your idol recap, although i still love danny's voice. wookie is such a cute name. glad he's doing so well. i just realized your points game and now my competitive spirit is kickin' in. does it count that we got our dog from friends who had to find a home for her due to family health problems? i don't know if it is considered rescuing to join this crazy family, but she seems to love it.

Adopting1Soon said...

It might count, Missy, but you didn't post his name ;-) heh heh.

Angela said...

Lil is from Memphis. I should be supporting her but I really don't watch American Idol. I'm watching it tonight.

J-momma said...

we rescued a puppy that was thrown out of a car window at the mall. her name is Demi.

Sarah said...

They totally know.

We have our rescued pup Yoshi and two rescued kitties Flash and Izzy!