Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Recap or WHY IS ANOOP DAWG STILL HERE?

I feel sorry for Lil Rounds.

Each week she changes her routine to do what the judges suggested the week before (IE "be more artistic, make the song your own, sing Mary J") and then the judges slam her for doing that ("you changed the melody too much, you choose the wrong artist, this is karaoke, we've been waiting for you to sing someone like Chaka Kahn but it wasn't worth the wait", etc).

Tonight she looked so sad, as even Simon noticed, and also looked like she had "had it up to here" with trying to please them. Maybe it would be merciful to have her go home this week...

And what was with the judges using their one and only "save" to keep Matt another week??? I was sure they would only use that in the case of someone who had huge money making potential being voted off (like Chris Daughtery caliber). There's no way Matt's going to be the next Idol, nor does he have record selling potential. Not really. In fact, I think he'll be going home with Lil this week. Although I WISH Anoop Dawg was leaving. Ugh, he's such a preppy frat boy.

Anyway, 5 points to anyone who picks the right idol contestant to go home. 10 points if you get them both right (two are going home tomorrow).


Queen Diva said...


I'm yet to tune into American Idol. I just can't seem to remember to watch it or anything else on TV for that matter. I must say that your blog posts are so creative....keep it coming girl!


missy said...

i need some points...i'll go with anoop and lil.

Cathy said...

I so agree. Either way I think the next 3 off are Lil, Matt and Anoop.

For this week I will go with Lil and Matt.

Cathy said...

So agree. Really can we just skip to the final 3. Kris, Danny and Adam :)

This week though I think Lil and Matt are done.

missy said...

i just got a comment from you awhile back that ended up on a different blog I'm a part of that I rarely check...sorry. is it to late to score me some points by leaving my dog's name? It's Ruby!!!!