Monday, October 19, 2009

Following through on God promises

Do you ever make promises or "deals" with God when you're in a dicey situation?

Do you follow through on them?????

Some of you may remember my last airplane trip, in which we almost went down. I made a promise to God that if He let us live I would do something charitable that I really didn't feel like doing. Then I decided it would be a dog transport. And I would have to do the transport BEFORE my next plane trip or there's no guarantee God wouldn't crash that plane. I used to do these transports monthly, but since Charlie there's not room in the car and I'm worried about her being in the car with strange dogs.

But a deal's a deal so I signed up for a transport yesterday.

Transports are where you volunteer to drive a leg, usually about an hour, with a shelter rescue dog who's time is up, getting him one hour closer to his foster or forever home. It's kind of like an underground railroad concept, except above ground. Since many shelters up north are emptying of dogs due to awesome spay/neuter programs, and the South is lagging far behind and the shelters are overrun, the idea is to funnel these homeless animals north where there is starting to be a demand for rescued dogs. Which is great. The South has to get their act together. We are still euthanizing millions a year.

So it's a great way to help, because nowadays there is no way I can foster either (something I used to do pre-baby), but at least I can spend a couple of weekend hours helping save a few lives.

Here are the sweeties I helped yesterday:

One of them was so loving and gentle, I would have traded one of my monsters for her. Maybe.

Isn't she sooo sweet?

If you are interested in driving an hour or two once a month or once a year, let me know, I'll hook you up with the transport coordinators I know.

So, the question I have today is, do you make God deals and if so, how often do you follow through?

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Chrissy said...

that sounds like such a great idea!! where in the south are you? I am in East TN! drop me an email would like more information