Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spoke too soon (H1N1?)

I spoke too soon about having an awesome day yesterday.

Half the day was awesome.

The daycare called me during my amazing soul altering massage:

Charlie has a fever and they have had one confirmed case of H1N1 flu in one of the kiddos, so all kids with the slightest fever or signs of sickness are called home.

She seemed ok last night, but woke up with large gobs of green snot, crying and looking miserable.

We are off to the doctor and probably will be staying home today.

Please send get better soon vibes. I truly hope this is not H1N1.


Kiki said...

Aww, poor kid. Hope it's not H1N1 too. If her fever went away it's probably not and if she wasn't achey then I think you're ok. Sounds like a normal cold. Keep us posted.

Angela said...

I hope not as well. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Chrissy said...

Hope she gets better soon!! glad it was caught early...whatever "it" is!!

Leesavee said...

Hope all is well. Saying a prayer for you and Charlie! :)

Single PAP said...

no H1N1!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Charlie! But don't worry, even if it is H1N1. Many kids I'm around have had it and done fine. Doctors don't even test to see if it's swine flu because it doesn't matter much.Give her lots of hugs from us!danicuz