Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cutest baby in the country?

One of my colleagues told me that on Good Morning America earlier in the week they held a contest for the cutest baby in the U.S.

Guess who won?

I agree, it should have been Charlie, but since I didn't enter her, she had no way of winning.

Instead, out of 50,000 entries a special little boy won.

An Ethiopian adoptee!

Here is the video:

The Cutest Baby in America Is ...

Go Ethiopia! Way to represent!

Now, he is cute and all, (each and every one of our Ethiopian babies are beautiful) but Charlie also has a super special personality, huge outgoing sparkly smile, and frankly, is cuter.

I'm just sayin'.

GMA, get it together would ya.

What do you guys think? Isn't Charlie cuter ;-) ??? Well?? ISN'T SHE????

Here are a few pictures that show off her cuteness.

How about YOUR child? Is your child cuter than the GMA boy?

(P.S. It's ok to be completely biased when answering. This is just a fun post.)


Cathy said...

Um yes, Kiya is so much cuter than the cutest baby in America. And talk about personality. I had no idea such a little girl could have such a BIG personality. we are bracing ourselves for when she is mobile and older, man oh man are we in trouble. But she sure is cute and I am pretty sure she knows it. :)

PS--I think Charlie and Kiya could be cousins or something :) They look a lot a like in some ways.

LegalMist said...

ABSOLUTELY Charlie is the cutest baby in America! How adorable are those photos, anyway?!?

(Of course, I have the most handsome 6 year old, and the most beautiful 11 year old in America, so I've got you beat by one prize, right? :D )

Leesavee said...

Since I'm adopting two kids from Ethiopia right now, I have to admit to being totally biased towards Ethiopian children. They are (in my humble opinion) the cutest children in the world! :)

Lonnie said...

Our D is cuter. And your C is cuter. That is very cool to see. Thanks for sharing!

petrinop said...

Dove i Libri from BookCrossing, and i seem to be signed in here under one of the boy's name, and can't figure out how to change it! LOL! Your Charlie is definitely THE CUTEST BABY (Now that *MY* guys are all grown up, of course! *wink*)

I see your C is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes in her mouth! That was the only time I remember my house being clean! I was always thinking about what they might pick up and pop in their mouth.

Have fun with her, she is BEE-Yoo-Tee-Ful!

Leslie said...

i do aagreeeee she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter!!!!